This discussion is sponsored by the Victoria Committee of the Consumers'
Association of Canada (CAC).

The CAC has for 47 years provided information to and advocated on behalf
of consumers.  

CAC policies and activities in areas of food, health care, environment,
consumer products and services, regulated industries (phone, electricity,
telecommunications, cable), financial institutions, taxation, trade, etc.,
are driven to secure consumer rights.

Consumer Rights

1.	The right to safety

To be protected against the marketing of goods which are hazardous to
health or life.

2.	The right to be informed

To be protected against fraudulent, deceitful, or grossly misleading
information, advertising, labeling or other practices, and to be given the
facts needed to make an informed choice.

3.	The right to choose

To be assured access, wherever possible, to a variety of products and
services at competitive prices.  In industries where competition is not
workable and government regulation is substituted, to be assur$}*õed of
satisfactory quality and service at fair prices.

4.	The right to be heard

To be assured that the consumer interest will receive full and sympathetic
consideration in the formulation of government policy, and fair and
expeditious treatment in its administrative tribunals.

5.	The right to redress against damage

To be able to seek redress from a supplier of goods and services for any
loss or damage suffered because of bad information, or faulty products or
performance, and shall have easy and inexpensive access to settlement of
small claims.

6.	The right to consumer education

To be educated as school children to be able to act as informed consumers
through their lives.  To have access as adults to consumer education.