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"Who" is the Digital Divide Policy Forum?
As is the case with all initiatives of this kind, it has to start somewhere. The British Columbia Community Networks Association (BCCNA) is the originating body.
Individuals who initiated discussion in this area and have given of their time to develop the initiative include: Gareth Shearman, Barbara Hoolaeff, Bob Allen, David Godfrey and Tanner Elton.
At this preliminary stage, Gareth Shearman of the BCCNA has agreed to Chair the forum on an interim basis, subject to review and discussion as the number of participants expands.
The individuals set out above have agreed to participate as an initial steering committee.
Discussions have been initiated with a number of other organizations and individuals, with the expectation that we will be in a position to add a significant number of other organizations and individuals in the near future. Without attempting an exhaustive list, the organizations include:
  • The British Columbia Internet Association (BCIA)
  • The Columbia Basin Trust
  • The Cariboo Economic Action Forum (CEAF)
  • The Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre (VIATeC)
  • The BC Library Association

We also expect the participation and support of governments - federal, provincial, first nations, regional and municipal - in the Forum. The relevant agencies and ministries of the Federal and Provincial Governments are being approached, as are municipal and regional governments.
Finally, we already have indication from several corporations that they are anxious to participate in and support the forum.
The Forum expects to be in a position to announce both participants and supporters in the very near future.
Governments should facilitate the deployment of broadband netowrks, services and content through plicies and regulations that favour private sector investment, competition and innovation, as well as by supporting communities, the creation of Canadian content, and the use of broadband to deliver public services.

- The National Broadband Task Force 2001
To find out how you can support the Digital Divide Policy Forum or get involved, please contact us.