"READ THIS FIRST" File:  1. Nota Bene, 2. Introduction, 3. Acknowledgements 


Throughout the various menus in this IP you'll see the option "Back
to Main Menu".  This will take you back to the main menu of this
newsgroup, not to VTN's main menu (which is the 'h' command.)


Welcome to VTN's site for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered 
community, and all our friends.

Our hope is to provide a safe and productive atmosphere where everyone, 
no-matter what their sexual orientation, can come together in under- 
standing and strength.  So as to provide information and support for the 
gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered portion of the human community, 
and to provide a place for the straight portion of the community to 
interact and become informed without heterosexist pressure or bias, you
will find here a discussion area, contacts for community resources and 
organizations, links to other websites and newsgroups, a link to ViFA's 
singles SIG, and a calendar of community events.  If you have any 
suggestions for possible improvements that can be made to this SIG we 
would be delighted to hear from you.  Thank you for your participation.


Without the involvement of the following people this site would not 
exist, so many thanks to all of them:

Jeremy W. Denegar <aka Fiddler)
Adele Warner
Andrew Wallace (aka Faust)
Iris M. Gray (aka rainbow)
Kayshalee Snider (aka Casper)
Stewart Boddy
Victoria Telecommunity Network
And many others in the community whose enthusiasm and support gave us a 
reason to create this site!  Thanks!  :-)