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Year 2000 Annual General Meeting

Thurs. Nov. 16th  2000 at 7:00 P.M.
547 Michigan Street
Victoria B.C.

AGM2000 Motions

  1. MOTION:
    Amend the bylaws such that Section 22(3) "Voting by proxy is not permitted" be removed from the bylaws, and replaced with "Voting by proxy is permitted".

  2. MOTION:
    Immediate adoption and implementation of The Communications Subcommittee report and recommendations

  3. MOTION:
    That people on fixed low incomes (i.e. disabilities and welfare) have access to free membership in the VMC.

  4. MOTION:

    Immediate removal of Tim Conlin as Moderator for VMC E-groups

    create three new e-mail lists:

    1. (for public announcements)

    2. (member-only discussion)

    3. (executive-only discussion)

    Publish clear procedures, guidelines, rules, regarding posting to each list.

  5. MOTION: 
    Regarding Pre-Paid Legal memberships 
    Enrolment of the VMC as an associate for Prepaid Legal for the purpose of raising revenue for the VMC through the promotion of Prepaid Legal memberships to our clients. (As previously assented to by the VMC executive)

  6. MOTION:
    Transfer the VMC website off the Victoria Freenet, to it's new home at

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