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Open letter to the Federal Government's Child Support and Access Reform



As a man and a father who was wrongly convicted in a hysterical show trial, who has been cheated and defrauded by the Legal Industry, and especially the Courts, which have issued numerous access orders and refused to enforce them, I wish to address the Committee on Child Support and Access Reform personally.

I do not expect ever to obtain justice for myself, but if I can assist any other man or father I stand ready.

Men are being denied all legal rights in the name of "the best interests of the child." The "best interests" are undefined and are used to jail men every day. We now have a vast glad of debtors prisons for men only in this country.

Unless this is changed, the end result will be what injustice always produces, violence. One of these days a man, driven over the edge by the courts bias, will go postal. This must be prevented and the only way to do that is to immediately introduce a new concept in family courts. Fairness.

The laws must be changed to incorporate the freedom to opt out of paternity for men in the same manner that women can now easily opt out of maternity.

If a woman becomes pregnant and wants the child when the putative father does not, she should be totally and solely responsible.

The laws must be changed to enforce access orders. the courts routinely defraud men by issuing worthless access orders at enormous cost. This is nothing less then criminal fraud and it is time to jail a few judges and the lawyers who bill men for this futile exercise.. If men are jailed for the inability or refusal to pay child support, women should be jailed for the contempt of defying access orders.

Non custodial fathers are currently required to pay for post secondary education of children. Married families are not.

Non custodial fathers can and no doubt have been, denied their Charter rights to enter and leave Canada freely. They are losing driver's licences for reasons which have nothing to do with the Highway Traffic Act.

Women obtain custody in the vast majority of cases, some figures suggest that 90% of all disputed custody cases are awarded to the mother. Fathers get nothing. When 90% of all cases are decided on the basis of gender, there is systematic bias. Judges, who ironically are mostly men, do not regard men as suitable parents. The "tender years" shibboleth is yet another code phrase for bias.

Special courts have now been set up to process men accused of domestic violence. "Special" courts are usually used for oppression. No man dragged before a domestic violence court will be seen as innocent. His mere presence in these courts is Kafkaesque and presumes guilt. The conviction rate demonstrates that conclusively. The Toronto domestic violence courts in Old City Hall are labelled "K" court. "K" for kangaroo?

Women who kill children get custody of their surviving children. Fathers get nothing.

Men are automatically arrested on the unsupported accusations of domestic violence by any woman. When so accused, men lose their homes, their children and often everything else,before and without regard to the nicety or outcome of a trial. men are ALWAYS guilty until proven innocent. It only takes a peace bond or a restraining order which is usually imposed without benefit of counsel and often on an ex parte basis.

These are only a few examples of the injustice which affects all men in Canada daily. If this has not yet happened to you, as a man or a father, rest assured, that you are totally and completely at the mercy of any woman in your life. All she has to do to utterly ruin you, is call 911 and say you abused her.

It can and does happen every day, in every province in this country.

I would appreciate an appointment at any time convenient to the Committee and ask only for as much notice as possible.

Thank You

J Kirby Inwood

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