Child Support and Access Reform Committee

Where to Request a Presentation Appointment

Here is the address and contact information you need to book an appointment to make a presentation to the Joint Committee on Custody and Access. They have changed the name and that is an indication that feminists may have control here. The name does not reflect the original agreement Rock made with the Senate. Use the email via fax address as this sends a hard copy of your request to the Clerk and paper must be dealt with. Do NOT forget to include your snail mail address or you will be ignored.

BE WARNED; In the past these Committees have been stacked and rigged by feminist groups who organize and flood the clerks with requests for appointments. They simply take all the time available.

KEEP A COPY of your request and the time and date you sent it. If this clerk books only feminist groups, we will make him answer. He is deliberately copied on this memo.

How to File Your Submission

All submissions must be filed with Richard Rumas, the Clerk of the Joint Committee on Custody and Access. Contact him and ask for an appointment to make a personal presentation to the committee if you so desire. You can send him a free fax via email at


For more information, please call:

Richard Rumas, Clerk

Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access
Pièce/Room 641, 180 Wellington
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Telephone :(613) 996-1664 Fax : (613) 947-9670
Thanks to J. Kirby Inwood for this info.


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