Child Support and Access Reform Committee

Inwood's Perspective

The Joint committee on Custody and Access appears to be rigged from stem to
stern. AG Anne McLellen is on record as being against custody for fathers.
That is telling. The liberals and Chretien nominated election  candidates
just because they were female. The Committee looks stacked the same way. My
own MP Carolyn Bennett will never do anything for men as long as she lives.
She will vote against anything and anybody who is pro male or honest, or
fair. She is a bigot of the worst kind.
You are right about the prelimary hearings excluding mens groups. Womens
groups are included, and they do not even have the decency to act ashamed
at their dishonesty. We seem to facing another show trial. The Committee
will go through the motions and produce another phony report condeming men
and praising killer mothers.
One trick people can try to get around the limit on faxmail is to change
their email address. The faxmail system appears to use the sender's email
address as the counter. If people do not know how to do this, it is not
worth the effort to explain it to them.
I am going to complain to every mother f****** MP about the Joint Committee
and the AG's bias. Will it help? I doubt it. The fix is in. This is just
another dog and pony show.
I am so f****** discouraged... I have fought these bastards for ten years
and everyttime you think you've scored, they move the goalposts.
J Kirby Inwood

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