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Genital Mutilation

OTTAWA, CANADA December 1995

Federal Justice Minister Alan Rock has announced legislation making FEMALE genital mutilation illegal. While I applaud the overt intent of the legislation, I am disgusted by the sexism displayed by it and the blatant disregard for the huge problem of male genital mutilation (this means circumcision).

Are male genitals less valuable and more expendable than women's? Of course not. "Speak out to end the silence" (to borrow a phrase I have heard in a different context)

I am seeking support from men on how to tackle this problem as my one voice is too small and isolated to be effective in educating the public and affecting public policy. I am challenging men to respond to this challenge by doing 3 things.

1. Write a letter to a politician and a newsletter today

2. Contact others to strategize on how to stop this abuse of boy babies.

3. Share information on the statistics and effects of circumcision on males so that a credible argument can be made against circumcision.

We need to act quickly as the time is ripe for men to speak up for ourselves and all boys. If the legislation is passed as written it will be a much more uphill battle than including boys in the politically correct agenda of protecting "women".


Questions I want answers to:

How many male genital mutilations performed per year in Canada?

How many on females?

(Let's not get into dragged into an argument on which is worse. There is no excuse for sexist language in legislation and denial of male suffering)

What groups are already working on this issue. Any in Canada? I know some in USA.

How can we get publicity and support for the campaign to include protection of boys in the legislation.

How can we lobby the government to address this? You guys in Ottawa should know something about this.


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