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January 15, 1998
Ministry of Women’s Equality
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Hon. Sue Hammell:

Below is a summary of the 1996 - 1998 budgets of your Ministry. I note with interest that $32,872,000 is spent in 1997/98 on Stopping the Violence and regional Programs. There are two programs that concern women that I have been unable to locate and I am asking for your assistance.

1) I, among several others, am the victim of domestic violence perpetrated by the mother of my ten year old daughter. Unfortunately, our girl has witnessed many incidents and only now are her modeled behaviours extinguishing due to patient and consistent understanding over the past two years. This not uncommon. It is generally accepted now that about half of spousal assault and 70% of child abuse and neglect is perpetrated by females. What programs, throughout the 39 Women’s Centers and 78 Transition Houses, do you have for these assaultive women or their victims to help stop the cycle of violence and abuse in our homes?

2) The 1996 census indicates there are now 23,900 single father households in B.C. and that at-home fathers are the fastest growing family structure in North America (of which our daughter and I are both). This has occurred in tandem with rising income and economic opportunities for women. Given that, as Gloria Steinem correctly noted recently, "Women aren't going to be fully equal outside the home until men are fully equal inside it.", what parenting or other programs and incentives do you have for these men and children that, ultimately, further this emancipation of women?

Could you please provide me with detailed accountings of the Grants and Contributions categories of the 1996/97 ($31,451,000) and 1997/98 ($30,822,000) budgets. In addition, I wish to know the specific amount allocated to “linking women in the community with ministry policy development and programs and other government initiatives.” It seems, somehow, conflicting to pay people to influence government to increase their own pay.

Referral to related programs in other ministries would also be appreciated.

Yours truly

Doug Reid
4327 Erwin Dr.
West Vancouver, B.C.
Canada, V7V 1H7
coparent@radiant.net fax 604 922 2076

Budget of the B.C. Ministry of Women’s Equality 1996/98

Total Expenditure by Account ($000)

  1996/97 1997/98
Salaries and Benefits 5,793 4,693
Operating Costs 2,566 2,285
Asset Acquisitions 207 199
Grants and Contributions 31,451 30,822
Other Expenditures 7 6
Total Expenditures 40,024 38,005

A. Corporate Services

Provides for executive direction for the ministry, and for financial, human resources, training, information management and communications services.

Salaries and Benefits 2,650 1,979
Operating Costs 1,923 1,842
Asset Acquisitions 204 199
Other Expenditures 7 6
Subtotal 4,784 4,026

B. Programs and Policy

(a) Policy and Evaluation - research of issues affecting women; the coordination and development of policy and legislation related to women’s equality goals; participation in federal/provincial discussions and initiatives; the review of government-wide policy proposals and their impact on women; advice to ministries in their review and analysis of existing and proposed government policies, legislation and programs; and the evaluation of related programs and initiatives.

(b) Stopping the Violence and regional Programs - Policy and program development for the prevention of violence against women; Transition House shelter and counseling programs, including contributions to the Provincial Rental Housing Corporation to assist in establishing Transition Houses; public education initiatives including library services; and grants and contributions to promote equality and safety for women, access to local services and other community-based equity initiatives. These programs also provide for ministry regional operations linking women in the community with ministry policy development and programs and other government initiatives.

Policy and Evaluation 1,123 734
Stopping the Violence and Regional Programs 33,744 32,872
Subtotal 34,867 33,606
Salaries and Benefits 2,807 2,353
Operating Costs 609 431
Grants and Contributions 31,451 30,822
Subtotal 34,867 33,606
Total Expenditures 40,024 38,005


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