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The First in a series of

Regional Organizing Meetings

Leading to our National Conference



The Maritimes, Quebec & Ontario

Networking with Central and Western Canada


10 AM - 9 PM

The following document should answer most general questions about the planned conference in Toronto and subsequent follow up conferences which are being planned to take place across Canada.

The following concerns have been expressed and we felt this would be an opportunity to clear up any misconceptions.

1) How did the National Shared Parenting Association come about?

Randy Liberet, a father from Regina belonging to Weekend Dads felt a need to disassociate himself from such labels as "Weekend Dad". having some experience in marketing, he decided that perhaps creating a National Shared Parenting Association might better explain to others what we wish to accomplish.

After convincing his colleagues in Regina and Saskatoon to the merits of his idea, a decision was reached to re-name their respective chapters of Weekend Dads The Regina chapter of the National Shared Parenting Association and Saskatoon chapter of the National Shared Parenting Association.

However so as to not lose the identity of the original group, for which much marketing was also in place, a decision to retain the Weekend Dads name was made to avoid confusion and smooth the transition for those familiar with the Weekend Dads name in Regina and Saskatoon.

Hence Weekend Dads still exists in Regina and Saskatoon. However they are also local affiliate chapters of the National Shared Parenting Association and founding groups of the association.

E-mail was sent to all groups across Canada expressing a desire to create a national networking forum in which all groups could retain their autonomy, yet network in the same manner as was accomplished during C-41 to give ourselves a national voice and identity.

2) Have any other groups expressed interest?

Every group in Canada has expressed interest so far. Every group in Canada excepting one facing some internal political strife has agreed to participate.

For example, in Toronto, Danny Guspie of Fathers' Resources International saw the merit of the idea and after some initial exchanges of e-mail, several phone calls transpired between himself and Randy Liberet.

As a result, Fathers Resources International's pilot project, Toronto Fathers' Resources joined the association as a founding member. Danny, in his role as Executive Director of this organization, shared the ideas and concepts being explored with his colleagues in Southern Ontario.

As a result approaches were made to The Ontario Wisdom Council - Golden Horseshoe Chapter which currently meets in Toronto. The council includes groups from around Lake Ontario with the eastern border being Durham region/Oshawa with the western boundary being Niagara Falls. The northern boundary includes groups from London, Waterloo and Kitchener.

The Ontario Wisdom Council - Golden Horseshoe Chapter has formed a committee which is chaired by Danny Guspie to assist Randy Liberet and the founding groups in the creation of the National Shared Parenting Association.

3) How are the other groups getting involved?

Thus far, outreaches have been made to groups across Canada whom generally support the idea of an association amongst themselves that will operate as a networking forum as opposed to a controlling central organization.

Subsequently, a meeting between Danny Guspie and Sean Cummings of Fatherhood Imagine That! have taken place in Halifax. Sean has agreed to work with groups in the Maritimes wishing to come on board.

Contacts with representatives from BC have resulted in the creation of a leadership listserv known as gen-m and a wide distribution list known as NSPA-L.

4) Who is paying for these outreaches?

Understandably, it was difficult to set up the first series of face to face meetings.

The financing of such meetings was donated either by Randy or Danny so far in order to generate the trust and enthusiasm required to make the project successful.

In Danny's case, he is able to offer groups workshops and divorce educational materials which underwrite his travel expenses and offer each group further fundraising opportunities which can enable these area's the ability to raise funds in order to send delegates to meetings

For example, Danny spoke in Halifax last weekend at a conference hosted by Sean Cummings group using this formula. He donated the preparation time, his time for 3 days and the initial outlay of funds required to get him to Halifax and back.

As a result, Sean's group has thus far covered half of the costs through sales of materials and a workshop. The remainder is anticipated to be recouped in the next few weeks. Subsequent profits from sales of divorce educational materials will then help Sean's group underwrite the costs delegates attending future events.

Sean now has helpful educational resource materials to distribute at his meetings.

For example, Sean is now in a position to offer his members several newsletters and other items (which he can photocopy as required); a 2 hour video filled with divorce educational materials to share at meetings; he can offer for sale copies of the Parenting Diary - a visual sole parenting/shared parenting planner; 10 - 90 minute audio tapes filled with information on how to overcome divorce difficulties; The book Custody for Fathers.

These are all items that will move his members past their initial anger and need for commiseration. with educational resources his membership will move forward in a positive way towards practical and easily achievable child focused shared parenting solutions. These materials have helped countless others towards better divorce outcomes for their children.

Together, by helping each other, we can accomplish much, making outreaches possible, such as financing and underwriting delegate participation.

More is in the works and will be announced as developed.

5) Are there any working committees yet?

Yes. There are working committees in Regina, Saskatoon and Toronto, Victoria, Vancouver, Fredericton, Halifax. More are in the initial stages as we begin planning towards regional conferences every 3-4 months. we anticipate committees across Canada in every region/major city in the very near future.

6) 12 weeks seems a short time to pull together a national conference. Can it be done?

We have done it.

Those of us organizing this particular conference appreciated that there might have been a misunderstanding about what the conference is about, what plans were in the making, who is organizing the event, who will attend, who is invited etc.

As you are probably aware, Fathers' Resources International did a considerable amount of networking during C-41 to keep the flow of information moving nationally.

Since C-41, the focus of Fathers' Resources International has been the Wayne Allen case, a men's conference in Chicago and Sean's conference in Halifax.

For example we participated in a rally in Hamilton, Ontario for Wayne Allen that was extremely successful for a weekday. There were over 125 participants, a national press conference, a very packed courtroom. Our numbers had a significant impact inside and outside the Hamilton Unified Court.

Judgment in the matter was reserved for March 21st. We are confident progress has been made that will translate into a huge paradigm shift nationally, given what transpired in court.

These activities have precluded us from assembling the FAQ for the conference until this time. With those matters concluded, our entire focus is now on the conference.

However, that said, A good deal of our focus on the conference up until this point has been on putting together the organizing committee in Toronto, seeking sponsorship at Divorce magazine, setting up a planning meeting with the other founding groups in Saskatchewan, doing outreach to the Maritimes and setting up outreach to Quebec and Alberta. beginning our outreach to B.C.

Being one of the organizers of this National Shared Parenting Association Conference, we are now in a position to clarify matters to forestall any misunderstandings, hurt feelings etc. etc. that are a natural consequence when individuals and/or groups take an initiative to make something happen either locally, regionally or nationally.

Given the initial responses, the organizing, outreaches and committee work established thus far, we believe the conference can and will be accomplished quite easily.

Since the time of the last FAQ, there has been much behind the scenes organizing, with little to report as negotiations were on-going and yet to be resolved until the issuing of this updated FAQ.

7) Where do things stand?

Here is where things stand as May 2nd, 1997:

The meeting represents the beginning of a series of regional planning meetings leading up to a true national conference. The plan is to have a series of regional conferences every 3-4 months, to organize the association at the regional level.

We are extending invitations to all interested parties. We deeply appreciate that many will not be able to attend an initial meeting. However, we are hoping that those who are able to do so will do so. By having another meeting 3 months later in another region, we will be able to add another link.

Exploratory discussions have begun on the feasibility of holding the 2nd conference in Alberta at Lake Louise Inn for mid-September. Nothing concrete has been decided as of yet. Other meetings would likely be in Halifax, St. John's, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver.

The organizing committee in Toronto is meeting regularly, having conference calls as are necessary, are developing a web site. We have excellent connections into several possible locations which are being explored and confirmed over the next 10 days, at which time we shall likely have a facility in negotiations or booked.

8) Attending the conference will be either logistically or financially difficult. How can I participate?

We are still seeking ways and means that will make it relatively inexpensive for those of you to wishing participate to travel here via bus, rail and air. We are also exploring ways you can participate from your location via teleconferencing and the Internet.

We expect to have word on teleconferencing within 7-10 days.

We are still pursuing the possibility of several buses being donated by the Salvation Army, along with church basements for accommodations during the journey cross-country. Additionally we are pursuing fathers hosting out-of-town fathers.

One set of buses would pick up passengers in Vancouver making their way through, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Toronto. The other bus would begin in Halifax, Fredericton, Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto.

We are exploring options through travel agencies and service providers for donations and reduced fares.

We're researching the possibility of a local Toronto internet cafe' providing us an internet connection with CU-CME technology that will allow us to video-conference via internet as well as actual teleconferencing through either Bell, Sprint or a closed circuit corporate teleconferencing network. there is the possibility that the conference will be carried by C-PAC. Confirmation is pending.

In terms of accommodations, we will be organizing billeting in homes, opening church basements, donated space and reduced rates from the hospitality industry.

Metro Hall the site of the conference is near to facilities for the conference that have can offer inexpensive meals.

9) Who may participate in the conference? Who is it open to?

To anyone who is interested in exploring shared parenting solutions. This will include father & mother groups, grandparent groups, 2nd wives, other family members, those seeking alternatives into this networking forum/organization.

The goal is to create, develop and establish the vision and leadership necessary to bring national divorce education as the best national solution to the social problems divorce has begat.

There is no reason in today's information age that any child should suffer during divorce. There is an abundance of helpful information, skills, strategies and solutions that need support from all concerned individuals, families, professionals and communities within our nation.

All that is needed is a national network to promote such solutions and thinking that lead to national self and formal education about the importance of promoting peace within our families.

Those who seek such healing are welcome to join with us.

Additionally, two days prior to the conference we are hosting a national leadership summit in Mt. Albert, Ontario of which the national fathering group/grand parenting group leadership is aware.

10) If we join the Association, does our group cease to exist?

We do not anticipate any group giving up its identity, but rather for this organization to be a networking forum. Our function is to share information, create a communications network, create a national voice for our concerns. We envision delegates from every group working towards creating a national council that reflects the wishes of all those involved.

This is how The Ontario Wisdom Council - Golden Horseshoe Chapter works in Southern Ontario currently. It works very well, having sponsored numerous rallies and events in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions.

11) What is the agenda of the inaugural meeting? Who are the speakers?

This is being solidified over the next 10 days.

The feeling amongst the organizers is that too often at other conferences, we've shared what the problems are, but not the easily achieved solutions.

Therefore, the first and primary pool of speakers will be from amongst our own numbers whenever possible, meaning those of us having actual shared parenting solutions.

There is a terrific body of knowledge that is solution oriented that exists within the groups. This information needs to be shared amongst ourselves. we are developing a speakers list. Those wishing to address the conference, or hold a seminar or workshop are invited to bring forth proposals.

Leaders of Shared Parenting Groups such as SPRIG in Wisconsin and SPIG in England have been invited to participate.

We believe that it will be necessary to have some well recognized speakers such as Senator Anne, Ross Finnie, Barbara DaFoe Whitehead would be examples. These contacts are being explored and will likely be confirmed over the next 10 days.

One child of divorce has come forth so far wishing to speak briefly on her feelings about divorce. We are contacting others who have previously spoken on their experiences. We have two adult children of divorce forming a panel, perhaps of the children and adult children.

We shall have numerous panels touching every area related to understanding the obstacles and solutions to shared parenting

12) How will the conference be promoted?

We have had articles in Macleans, the Globe and Mail. CBC has been shooting lead up stories in Regina. There has been major media interest in this conference since announced.

Divorce Magazine has agreed to promote our conferences and secure promotional opportunities and sponsorships.

Heidi Nabert, an art director with 25 years experience, has agreed to help us with developing print materials. She has worked with the Globe and Mail, Report on Business, Owl Magazine, Canadian Wildlife Service.

13) Is there a board of directors with regional input?

A board of directors will eventually be elected once an organizing structure is agreed upon by the delegates. We anticipate that much of this will be decided upon at the national conferences in each region.

Those who do eventually stand for election need to be cognizant of the fact that these are jobs that require service. Too often, persons seek out leadership roles for the glory, not the gruntwork.

It is the gruntwork that got this project off the ground and it will be the gruntwork that keeps it going, moving forward in a positive fashion. In any organization, it is those who do the work that determine the success or failure of an organization. Those so inclined to serve will be welcomed with wide open arms.

The organizers are focused on sharing the solutions to overcoming shared parenting problems - not internal politics. All we see is a lot of hard slogging and work ahead. Naysayers, those not offering constructive criticisms, those seeking glory or in-fighting need not apply.

We suggest that it is important to remember that a national organization is only as strong as each region is. It is our feeling that we must organize each region first and foremost to include all groups that we decide to target for inclusion within the association.

In the interim, the founding members are assuming the responsibility to move the project forward. We look forward to each region contributing a founding member to assume the responsibilities with us, until an election of a board of directors, incorporation, charitable status etc. becomes possible.

Once we've had meetings in each region, it will become possible to have a much larger Annual National Convention for elections to take place in.

Regional input is being explored and encouraged through our outreaches. We encourage those with talent and ability to step forward and offer their service.

We offer the following for consideration amongst the leadership of the groups to consider as an inaugural prayer. It was written specifically for such endeavors:

**** "The Wilderness Within..." ****

**** Copyright - Fathers' Resources International 1996 ****

I am extremely honoured that you have included me amongst such an esteemed group of gentlemen within our movement. It is a privilege to be asked to serve our movement.

I emphasize the words: "To Serve"

The successful leader exemplifies service. Putting honour, duty, loyalty, commitment, service, rendering aid and assistance to others in their charge before considering personal gain.

Perhaps for us to lead our numbers well, from the "wilderness of fatherlessness" we might cling to the virtues and values of service to a higher cause - that of the children.

Many of us have long endured, some patiently and reasonably, other's in a much more direct manner this wilderness all their lives - I count myself among their number.

To put an end to the misery suffered by the children of divorce will take a mighty serious commitment and conviction to put aside petty philosophical differences on the means to the end.

I put forth that one way for us to proceed when disagreements arise is to remember the very young child that still resides deep within all men be they of strong character, or of a wicked heart. The very young child who was quick to anger, but just as quick to forgive. The one who was still a trusting soul until all their trust was crushed out of them by the toil, tribulations and lies we all come across in our daily life.

Having been a custodial father and youth leader for many years, I know something of a child's trust. How easily it is given, how easily it is broken, how easily it is restored. How easily adults forget their role in the formation of one's ability to trust other's intentions, actions, words.

Perhaps we might be wise to consider the following:

"The Spirit or the Form" could well be the seed of an important idea for us to consider and quickly resolve in our discussions.

Perhaps if we focus on the "Spirit of trust" of that boy whom we once were, that still resides within us, we may finally together succeed in that which has so adeptly eluded us so far.

My simple hope for our discussions is that we be so moved by the "Spirit of Trust", to join together our differing views in harmony towards the goal. To take that extra moment before posting a response to the Forum. To consider the effect of our words on one another.

Some of us are proud and ambitious in nature and rightfully so. It has spurred on our respective strengths and weaknesses which have formed our character. It is this character which within reasonable bounds does good rather than harm; That makes us share common virtues and suffer common flaws.

I have heard amongst our number, in such a way as to believe it, that each of us have from time to time deceived ourselves into thinking we are the anointed one; that our method is the best to achieve the elusive victory; that if only other's would follow our tireless examples, all would be well; that all problems in our common mission would be quickly overcome and resolved.

Of course, it was not for this impression of the spirit, but in spite of it that we were given the ability to lead, and lead well, so that others might follow. So that our journey, which has brought us together to this place to succeed where we have before failed.

If we so will it to be, it shall be.

Our association could support us greatly, and bring forth focused efforts which might give heart when all seems darkest. If we so will it to be, it may provide us safe harbor, comfort and respite from our heavy loads. It may inspire us to finally find the key that opens the lock on our common difficulties.

We might be able to prevail reliance upon it, to the utmost of its ability to nourish our spirit with faith based upon reasonableness. With good and sufficient cause to believe that which we apprehend to be true, if only to ourselves at first, to be ultimately shared among us.

This is neither more nor less than it will humanly do for each of us if we so have the common will, vision, purpose, trust and faith based upon the merest evidence to be found within our numbers.

Such would put to final rest any shared fear that the spirit with which we have infused ourselves from time to time, of less than constructive criticism will turn upon us, to divide and conquer as before.

We must assist each other to quell, as far as we are able, to put down such vices as they arise within our minds and hearts, quietly, gently, peacefully.

We must beware of rashness, but with much energy and sleepless vigilance go forward and give ourselves the great victories, we so richly and justly deserve.

We must exemplify that which we wish to bring about. We must do so within our numbers and we must agree with speed and dispatch to do so from the onset.

To bring about a general civilization of our society, one must be agree to be somewhat agreeable and civilized.

For these are the forgotten social graces that are so woefully lacking from today's society:

Fatherly love and gentle guidance.

The obvious result has been, that within a single generation, we have exposed our children to the harshness of the "wilderness of fatherlessness". Such a generation can no longer recognize a social grace if it stood up, shook their hand and offered the most sincere of friendships and loyalty.

Perhaps if it could be instilled within a Nintendo game, we might stand a decent chance in the brutal competition for our fatherless children's attention. The spell is that strong. It must be broken with love, respect and understanding.

Such devotion to pleasures that beget sadness and lack of common generosity of spirit have I seen in the empty and expressionless faces of this generation. It is truly lost and waiting for our leadership.

We must reach out to the still young at heart among them before it is far, far too little, and much, much too late.

Things must be changed. Improvement will no longer suffice. Hope must be restored.

Fatherly love and guidance is the way to begin.

We must proclaim it in the way each person we meet could accept it as simple unalterable truth. We must meet the enemy where he resides. And unfortunately that is the tough thing - because the enemy is more than likely within our very selves. Expressed in the words we choose, the ill considered actions we take from time to time. Everytime we act in haste and without care.

When I shared our desire to "form a more perfect union" with my 10 year old daughter she innocently replied:

"So you are helping to build a nation of daddy groups across the world, right Dad?"

The wisdom and insight of children often surpasses our own. How apt an description of our endeavor.

Make no mistake gentlemen: We are nation building from within.

For such ends as we together seek, I ask you my colleagues to offer the benefit of your hard won experiences, pragmatism, stick-to-itive-ness. Infuse it with a strong and earnest desire to listen and learn, offering that which does not seek to inflame others. To trust our compatriots intentions to the utmost at all times and at every juncture in our discussions.

So that by our steadfast efforts, the next generation might be given the chance to know something other than foolish pride.

To know something of real pride. The kind stemming forth from "The Spirit of Co-operation."

Our first agreement could well be that it is our fervent wish to see before we draw our final breath this generation proudly and with good cause proclaim themselves as "The Foundational Generation" - the one from which true equality and personhood exists for all hence forward.

To be the generation to conquer the wilderness within...

14) Is the Toronto conference a national conference or a regional one?

It is both, it is the inaugural meeting of the National Shared Parenting Association: The first in a series of regional consultations and conferences that will form the association.

14) Didn't Toronto have a meeting where only 20 people showed up?

The conference you mention was not connected in any way, shape or form by those of us here in Toronto. None of us were even contacted about it taking place. apparently, some American gentleman came here and decided that he could do this conference single-handedly, without any promotion, connections to local groups, proper marketing strategies etc.

Having been involved in these issues in Toronto for many years, we in Toronto can assure you that this conference will be attended by at least 350-400 people from the region. The attendance numbers for Senator Anne's consultation were around 300+. Most rallies today are attended by a minimum of 100 people, even on a weekday such as was the case in Hamilton where many people traveled from other parts of the Golden Horseshoe to show support.

We can assure you that Toronto is very well organized and committed to this meeting and all subsequent meetings, wherever they are to be held. The talent to make this meeting exists here as well as the necessary connections.

15) Isn't the timing bad with the anticipated federal election?

We believe it is the perfect time to make these issues a huge national issue. We are poised to make it so. There has been intense interest since C-41 and the National Press Conference in Ottawa in these issues.

A key component of Saturday may 24th's is the NSPA rally outside of election hQ of Minister of Justice Allen Rock to which the media will be invited to meet with us and if Minister Rock accepts our invitation, to meet with us in front of the national media.

16) Will Senator Cools be attending?

We have spoken with Senator Anne. Given the election, it is unlikely.

She has offered her encouragement and support and will likely participate once the necessary groundwork is completed and the election is over. we anticipate she will participate in our future conferences.

17) When is the conference and where?

Currently the dates and location are May 21,22 for the leadership summit in Mt. Albert and May 23-25 for the conference in downtown Toronto.

The conference is to be held at the Metro Hall in downtown Toronto. The facility has an auditorium seating 410 people, a theater seating 60 people as well as the necessary audio-visual equipment, communication link-up's.

17) What is the focus of the Toronto conference?

The conference will have three focuses: (1) DAY ONE: Creating a national organization: Friday 10:00 AM - 9:30 PM - A series of keynotes, seminars, committee formation (2) DAY TWO: Solutions to shared parenting problems: Saturday 10:00 AM - 9:30 PM - A series of keynotes, seminars and committees. (3) DAY THREE: Multi-media presentations & Committee work: Sunday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Final reports from committees and closing 3:00 - 6:00 PM

This conference will be solution oriented. For example, on day two we'll explore through keynotes and workshops, seminars and committees how do you make shared parenting a reality if the other side disagrees? What do I do when it is not possible through no lack of knowledge on my part? That will be one subject that I am sure will be of great interest to all.

18) What are the political ramifications of the Toronto conference?

The political ramifications are simple. Those in politics who will not support shared parenting will be targeted and either persuaded or turfed. Politicians only count numbers. If they are convinced we are mobilizing, we will be courted by all parties. The Reform party is already courting us. Our feeling is we will only support those who support our efforts forthrightly by publicly stating their open support for national divorce education that is based upon the presumption of shared parenting.

19) Isn't this an impossible task?

Agreed. However, Danny Guspie, one of the organizers puts it like this: "Being a former Scoutmaster, I have routinely learned to kick the "IM" out of "Im-possible..." he further adds: "I'd not be primary parent, nor would I be helping fathers and parents to reach co-parenting. Therefore I feel it would be devastating to those not open to possibilities, those afraid of making mistakes and those afraid of learning from their failures. From my perspective the only failure is when you do not even try."

Consider that it is always easier to say no than it is to say yes. Sean Cummings, our Maritimes Co-ordinatoor gave a terrific speech at the Halifax Conference on march 8th, 1997 on this very fact of life. He spoke quite eloquently about what is truly absurd in this life. This very point was pivotal to his message of how absurd divorce is in our culture and the routine mistreatment children suffer because people say no, simply because it is easier to do so.

Another organizer, Wayne Allen of the Ontario Wisdom Council - Golden Horseshoe Chapter would agree: "I would not be experiencing any success in my case if I didn't make a leap of faith. If I adopted an attitude of failure, it would been a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Randy Liberet founding member of the association concurs: "The only failure would be to get hung up in the process, to get mired in the details instead of serving the vision of a better future for our children."

Susan Turner, 2nd wife to and activist, married to Lane MacIntosh - President of C.A.R.E. in New Brunswick puts it succinctly in her signature file, appended to her e-mails:

"Until you are committed, there is hesitancy and ineffectiveness. The moment you commit yourself, then Providence moves too. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Because boldness has genius and power and magic in it."

20) Shouldn't we focus on holding Minister Rock to his promise of a joint parliamentary committee that addresses our concerns?

We agree - and this conference, in our opinion is the very best way to make that happen. A united voice will ensure we are heard, and that our views are respected.

21) Where will the conference be held?

The actual conference (which is open) to the public starts on Friday May 23rd at Metro Hall, following 2 days of internal meetings amongst fathering/grand parenting group leaders from across Canada.

Metro Hall is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, seating 410 people in the main chamber and 60 people in our theatre "hospitality suite" comfortabl. It is within reasonable walking distance to dining, shopping, and accomodations suited to all budgets. It is also within walking distnce to the Skydome, home of the Blue Jays, the CN Tower, one of the worlds largest freestanding structures and our national television network CBC.

22) Will there be teleconferencing of the event?

Teleconferencing of the event across Canada is a distinct possibility under negotiation but remains TBA at this time.

22) Why should I particpate?

We strongly encourage you to come and participate in the conference. The more of you that come from across Canada during this election period, the more impact we can create in having this issue become THE # 1 ELECTION ISSUE.

It can be done, if we set out to make it so.

Evidence of this is the impact fathers had on c-41. More evidence is that we have facilities for up to 400 people for the conference.

Please indicate your attendance ASAP so we can make arrangements to pick you up at the airport, train station, bus station and match you up with a father who will be hosting you during your stay. For those of you who wish to become more involved in the programming end of the meetings, please indicate so and what you'd like to contribute.

23) What is the leadership summit before the conference?

THE FIRST TWO DAYS BEFORE THE CONFERENCE - May 21, 22 - Leadership Summit:

The first two days are open only to those leaders/activists on the gen-m leadership list of the NSPA or those leaders/activists known to NSPA leaders who are not on the internet. We would also welcome those who wish to volunteer themselves as leadership candidates who understand that leadership = service, not glory.

Toronto Fathers' Resources will be hosting the events for the first two days. These will be days of internal networking, strategizing, getting to know one another at a farm located in Mt. Albert, Ontario.

This is with the understanding that we are fostering a sense of teamwork, inclusion and outreach. Those disruptive to this spirit will be asked to re-consider their commitment to the mission of the NSPA of bringing peace through reconciliation of diverging views through the art of educated and intelligent compromise as required.

Local Toronto groups will be hosting those leaders/activists/individuals from out of town. This will occur within the residences of members. Please indicate your attendance WITHIN 10 DAYS OF POSTING THE ATTENDANCE LIST to gen-m (which will be posted within 24-36 hours) in order for us to arrange for your accommodations.

We have yet to secure any means of inexpensive/free transportation at this time, but if this changes it will be immediately posted. Therefore it is TBA.

We shall be wherever possible be attempting to make your visit to Toronto a good one at as low a cost as is possible. It is suggested that you make your travel arrangements ASAP and CONFIRM YOUR ARRIVAL to help facilitate pick-ups at the following locations:

Toronto International Airport;

Union Station (For those arriving via train); and

Bay St. Greyhound Terminal (Greyhound Bus).

It is hoped to have a www site up over the next 7-10 days with maps giving directions to the events appended to this information.

More information to follow over the next few days as details solidify.

24) How can I particpate at the conference?

THE NEXT THREE DAYS - May 23, 24, 25 - The Conference:

The next three days are public events.

Again, this is with the understanding that we are fostering a sense of teamwork, inclusion and outreach. Those disruptive to this spirit will be asked to re-consider their commitment to the mission of the NSPA of bringing peace through reconciliation of diverging views through the art of educated and intelligent compromise as required.

As is possible, local Toronto groups will be hosting those from out of town. A phone line will be set up within the next week to deal with inquiries.

We have yet to secure any means of inexpensive/free transportation at this time, but if this changes it will be immediately posted. Therefore it is TBA.

We shall be wherever possible be attempting to make your visit to Toronto a good one at as low a cost as is possible. It is suggested that you make your travel arrangements ASAP and CONFIRM YOUR ARRIVAL to help facilitate pick-ups at the following locations as is possible.

Toronto International Airport;

Union Station (For those arriving via train); and

Bay St. Greyhound Terminal (Greyhound Bus).

Such assistance however at this time is offered on an "as available" basis only. We can help to point those of you who we are not able to assist with accommodations and transport in the direction of the least costly means. However, we may be in a better position to offer more assistance as the conference date approaches.

It is hoped to have a www site up over the next 7-10 days with maps giving directions to the events appended to this information.

More information to follow as details become available.

25) Where do we go from here?

Please get back to us. Share your thoughts with us. Your contributions are valued.

Thanks for your support and your help.

Danny Guspie/Randy Liberet
on behalf of
The National Shared Parenting Association


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