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Determined Volunteer required by VMC to bring to completion existing plans for a Shelter for men experiencing primarily physical abuse but including verbal, sexual and emotional abuses as well.

This unique person or persons will have a deep understanding of the abuses men experience in our society. Also, a positive attitude to networking and grassroots organizational skills are required. Preferably this candidate will have explored his masculinity and not feel apologetic for his behaviour, nor court others to boost his self concept.

The foremost qualification for this important position is a sense of humour.

If you are this person, seriously consider contacting Rod Keays at or the VMC at 370-4MEN ( )

P.S. Please be patient when contacting the VMC. Messages monitored weekly. Contact Rod for best response.


The VMC announces a major campaign for 1997, the formation of a shelter for abused men.

The record shows that for every 3 women murdered in domestic violence, 1 man is also murdered. Also, for every woman murdered in Canada, 2 men are murdered. Men are killed mainly by strangers while away from their homes. *

So, having a safe place for men is critical. Help stop violence against men!

This essential project requires someone to direct and nurture it through the formative years. The VMC will guide and assist with meetings, networking and enthusiasm. Much work has already been completed.

For further information please contact Rod Keays at or contact the VMC at 370-4MEN ( )

* Stats Canada 1994.95 JURISTAT Vol 16 #11 and Vol 15 #6,11


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