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A Quest for Vision has been developed, over a period of 10 years, as a container in which men define, explore, and focus their personal sense of mission or purpose in the world. Drawing from the model of the Native American vision quest, our retreat incorporates many perspectives on psycho-spiritual development of the individual. Throughout the ages, men from all traditions, those who pursued a path of truth, or personal integrity, have ventured into the wilderness. This exploration of that which is wild, or dark, or divine, within oneself is the essence of "soul-work" or "depth-work". When applied to the process for men, the simple name, "men's work", has come to be used. A Quest for Vision is a one year men's work process, which incorporates the four essential stages of true creativity. You might say that within the container of this year-long program, each man co-creates his true self. The four stages of creativity are: preparation, incubation, illumination, and expression. The preparation process is a six month phase leading up to the Montana adventure. Each man is asked to prepare his Lifemap, which is a detailed account of his past life, a study of the themes and patterns, a search for the soul's question, which every man must answer. By thoroughly reviewing all events in a man's life, he becomes ready to walk through the transformative passageway of the Montana retreat. The last part of each man's preparation for the mountain wilderness retreat is the writing of his own obituary, eulogy, and epitaph. In a bold fashion, each man is asked to envision his future life, his own physical death, creating a testimony to his deepest dreams.

And now it becomes time to go into the second phase of the powerful creative process, incubation. Symbolically, we "die to the world", trusting ourselves to the guidance and praying for the illumination both of which come from Spirit. The ten-day Montana retreat is designed to support this personal ritual of death, illumination, and rebirth. Just coming to this remote and awesome wilderness area helps a man to let go of his attachments, his distractions, his limited definitions. Once at the wilderness camp, each man is supported in his preparation to do his personal solo in the wilderness, 2-4 days without food, and with minimal clothing and gear. He comes to this place empty, but with his deepest prayer, or as the native Americans called it, his cry for vision. Once back in the circle of men, each man has the opportunity to name his new found personal vision. He is given the support of the whole circle toward the full expression of this vision. And in the months following the Montana experience, each man is given several exercises designed to assist his full re-integration. A long term and short term plan is designed which will allow for completion of the goals which, in their totality, mark the vision for each man's life.

1998 dates: Sunday August 23-Thursday Sept. 3

Is the Quest for Vision process for me? If you feel drawn to this work, check it out. The leadership team will help you assess if the timing is right in your life. Men between the ages of 30 and 60 have found great value in the process.

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"This Quest is undoubtedly the most enlivining, and loving, thing I have ever done for my self and my soul. What a gift!" Larry N., Hastings, MN "My life is changed....thank you!" Van H., Lawrence, KS "I resisted, I doubted, and yet the love pulled me through to the other side. I feel so blessed by this experience>" Chet M., Portland, OR

Founder & Director Louis Bourgeois has accomplished his own Quest for Vision, during a seven year period, 1985-92. During this time did a series of personal retreats, at centers such as Sirius Community, The Abode, and Kripalu Yoga Retreat Center. Louis did personal study and training with Dr. David K. Reynolds, Dr. M. Scott Peck, and Stephen Levine. He also became a devoted student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. In 1990 Louis participated in a New Warrior Adventure Training weekend, which began his involvement in Men's Work. He has subsequently founded and directed a Renewal Weekend retreat series, as well as the Quest for Vision process. Louis is married, living in Plymouth, MN and has found vocational fulfillment in his specialty landscaping business, OASIS Garden, Shrub & Tree. During the winter, Louis writes books. He is currently completing his first novel, Sun Dancing With the Moon.


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