>>>>>>>>HELLO EVERYONE!<<<<<<<<<

This directory is to help women:

  1. Discover services that they may use for the betterment of their lives and make personal and meaningful connections with the network of women and men who provide these services
  2. Find gaps in our service needs and work to fill them
  3. Begin to (or continue to) enjoy the wonders of the Internet, through the sample women's sites I found. Even though the graphics and images can't be seen, these sites are FULL of valuable information.

The creator of this directory (Kathryn McKay) arranged the directory to span issues many women face and services many women need, beginning with young women. Services included are non-profit organizations and groups, that predominantly serve women's needs. Each section has "SISTERs" for you to check out (Suggested Internet Sites to Extend Reach).

For many more services, particularly those that serve both men and women, or children, check the Capital Regional District Directory, or call CRD Health Promotion at 744-5100.

**Important: to get your non-profit organization on this directory, email britta at wn452@victoria.tc.ca and request a "Permission to Post on the Freenet" form with a FAX contact number for your organization. Snail mail requests also taken! New listings or changes added at month-end.