Victoria Nautical Song Circle's
November 2005 Song Of The Month


© Joe Charron 1999

I swing a hammer but you know I'd rather
Hang my slicker where the boatmen gather
And I have heard angels singin'
Sweet hallelujas high in the riggin'
Oh yes, and I'll be ready
When they call my number
I'm gonna get a, one way ticket
On a providence ferry
Gonna carry me home and I'm gonna let it
Set one, drive, it's an ancient rythmn
Better listen to the music in the name you're given
Joe was a carpenter that's for certain
Gonna sing that song until they bring down the curtain
Rock my soul out on the water
Safe in the bosom of the ocean's daughter
Rope and canvas, oak and tide
Gonna carry me over to the other side.

Posted With Permission

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