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Herein lies a dog's breakfast of some interesting Nautical Links. While lots of sites are nothing more than a collection of associated or non-associated links, it's possible to find many of these and more via one of the many search engines.

Your scribe does not believe the oft written "Google is your friend" which folks frequently suggest on some e-mail lists. The name of that data company is also not a verb, or at least needn't be. Try some other means of searching. also known as Start Page offers standard and  SSL (https) access with proxy based searching using a choice of cookie based or URI/bookmark settings. 

An approach to using Google indirectly is via, NB not .com. Alternately 

Some others I've used are The Dogpile or both are meta search engines which search many search engines. Try reading the help files on the site of a search engine, also try enclosing, say a title, between "quotes", this works well on AltaVista. While it retains it's original name of 

If you have something worthy of inclusion please send us the link. If you thought it might be worthy it likely is. Funny how where else one can go is almost more important than what one can find where ever one is. Here, though, are a few of the relatively unique ones and few others:

Finally, if you wish to search this site, give this a try. It uses the scraping of a Google search, so doesn't use Google directly.

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