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As a disabled adult who uses a respirator and a motorized
wheelchair as a result of childhood polio, I know what loneliness
is.  As a result, I've created a World Wide Web Home Page on the
Internet I hope every adult with a disability is going to love.
My home page is called The PeopleNet DisAbility DateNet, and it's
modeled after my international personals print newsletter,
PeopleNet.  As a single disabled person, I started PeopleNet in
1987 to help myself and other disabled men and women find love.
PeopleNet was by and for disabled adults wanting to learn more
about love, sexuality, and relationships -- and maybe even find
that special someone.  Although the print version of PeopleNet has
brought together disabled folks who have married, the print
newsletter is about to move into the 21st Century and become
transformed into a WWW Home Page on the Internet.  My home page is
already carrying poems, articles, and short stories by, for and
about disabled adults.  Every piece is about love, romance, or
sexuality.  Readers can submit their writing, too!  Soon my home
page will be carrying information on dating services which do not
discriminate against the disabled, as well as personal ads of on-
line disabled singles (with an E-mail address) who are looking for
love.  Check it out at:


You can contact me at:

                          Robert Mauro
                  PeopleNet DisAbility DateNet
                          P.O. Box 897
                    Levittown, NY 11756-0911
                        Tel. 516-579-4043
                  E-Mail  Mauro@chelsea.ios.com

             Bob, Mauro@chelsea.ios.com
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