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                        Deaf World Web

The Deaf World Web is a leading World-Wide Web (WWW) publication
and a central network on the Internet, providing deaf-related
information on all subjects from Deaf Studies to References around the

If you have access to the WWW, the URL is:

The Deaf World Web has main sections and features as follows:

* In the Nations section, it contains sub-sections of each nation's pages
of information about the deaf in its own country, which lead and
refers the users to specific information on the Internet or to any
organization, school for the deaf, association, or other service in
real life.

* The Resources section offers some references and various contents,
such as Internet page, Deaf Email Directory around the world, Parents'
Guide of Deaf Chidlren, Research Guide, Glossary, articles, and more.

* The Bulletin Board section includes general information, news, and
classifieds such as announcements of events,  Deaf KeyPals, employment
opportunities, etc.

* The Deaf CyberKids section, providing for deaf school-age children,
contains penpals, literatures and arts created by deaf children, and
other web links for kids.

* Search engine/tool - helps you find all deaf-related pages, using a
keyword or multiple keywords.

Deaf World Web

Deaf World Web
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