Mailing Lists and Archives

How Do Mailing Lists Work?

A Mailing List uses software that acts as a mailing list manager, (sometimes known as a listserv or list server) to electronically link a group of Victoria Telecommunity Network and Internet users.

Using only one mail address, users can simultaneously send a message to all subscribers to the mailing list, and... (in most cases) a permanent archive.

Note: Victoria Telecommunity Network uses the Majordomo mailing list software. Although most mailing list managers share a set of common functions and similar commands other sites may use different software and a different command structure.

Mailing List Configurations

Open and Closed Lists

Mailing lists can be:

Public and Private Lists

Mailing lists are also classified as either:

Moderated Lists

In addition a moderated mailing list is sometimes established to ensure that messages sent to subscribers are consistent with the stated objectives of the list. The list owner must approve every message sent to a moderated list before that message is sent to the list members.

List Archives

An Archive is a permanent record of email addressed to the mailing list. It is automatically maintained by the Victoria Telecommunity Network. Mailing list archives are indexed according to the subject line of a message. This allows messages with a similar subject (known as a thread) to be viewed in sequence.

Mailing list archives represent an important source of information about Victoria Telecommunity Network and other community groups.

Getting the most out of a Mailing List

Mailing lists are an ideal way of connecting a group of people who would like to discuss topics of common interest.

Electronic conversations work best when contributers use the same topic when discussing a single theme and use a new 'Subject:' to create new threads for discussions that veer off the original topic.

Archives are subject to a few restrictions since permanent VTN resources are allocated. Some portions of Archives will be "retired" and eventually compressed. They will still be available, but access time may be slower. Registered Information Providers can move old or out of date information into their own archive linked to their home page(in development).

All Victoria Telecommunity Network Information Providers and individual users can request the creation of discussion groups and permanent archives. Creation and Use of Archives is governed by the Policies of the Victoria Free-Net Association.

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