Reviews on Books that Are Exclusively or Mostly Comic Related

Opened Mar 5/99. Last Updated Mar 5/99

The Comic Book Heroes by Gerard Jones & Will Jacobs
Encyclopedia of American Comics edited by Ron Goulart
Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes Vol. 1-3 by Michael Fleischer
Marvel: Five Fabulous Decades of the World's Greatest Comics by Les Daniels
The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide by Robert M. Overstreet et al
Seduction of the Innocent by Frederic Wertham. This is the biggest of the reviews by far
Seduction of the Innocent Revisited by John Fulce
The Superhero Women by Trina Robbins

Unfortunately a review of Slings & Arrows got erased by mistake. Until a new review is ready, the following should suffice: it's the single most useful guide to comics available.

Reviews on Books Which Have Noteworthy Comic Sections But Cover Other Media as Well

Jeff Rovin's Encyclopedias (Encyclopedia of Super-Heroes, Encyclopedia of Super-Villians, Encyclopedia of Monsters, Encyclopedia of Adventure Heroes, Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cartoon Animals)
The Vampire Book

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