Marvel Universe Book of the Dead?

This is part one of a list of all the characters who appeared in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe's Books of the Dead. The purpose of this list is to see just how many have remaining buried. These books appeared in TOHOTMU v1#13-14 (which also listed Inactive characters), v2 (Deluxe)#16-20, and v3 (Update)#8 (one entire entry)

Last Updated Aug. 1/01

Air-Walker I/II:
IIRC the original is still dead, but the automation returned at some point
Ancient One: still dead, but being "one with the universe" can probably interact with Marvel characters whenever he pleases
Banshee (Inactive): Regained powers and code name
Baron Blood I: still gone, despite being a vampire, though a successor later appeared before his own death
Baron Strucker: returned from the dead in Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD v3
Baron Zemo I: still dead; unlikely to reappear with his son being a major player
Black Knight I: still dead, but his ghost occasionally shows up to help or hinder people
Bloodstone: still dead, though his skeleton played a major role in a Captain America story a few years back
Bucky I: unless you believe he's Agamemnon, still dead
Captain Mar-Vell: I'll go ballistic if he ever returns, though his corpse appears in the new Warlock series
Changeling: still dead
Count Nefaria:back; has replaced Nefarius, who used his powers and costume
Darkoth: I think he reappeared somewhere
Death-Stalker: still dead
Destroyer I: reactivated
Dracula: back; doesn't that suck?
Drax the Destroyer: back, though his intelligence was drastically lower for a time
Egghead: still dead, which is a smart move
Foolkiller I: still dead; legacy currently on 3rd generation
Gamora: returned as back of the "Warlock's supporting cast isn't allowed to stay dead" clause
Ghost Rider IV (Inactive): Still inactive as Ghost Rider, though Johnny Blaze is back adventuring
Giant-Man II (Inactive): Regained powers and code name
Green Goblin I-III: In perhaps one of the worst moves Marvel has ever made, GG I is back. GG II wasn't dead at the time this entry was made but is now. GG III is still dead
It: Not sure how, but I think It got rebuilt somehow. Robert O'Bryan, It's controller is still alive probably but hasn't been seen since It's destruction
Jackal: Alive again. I think. But so many clones were involved in that story who can tell?
Jocasta: since this entry she returned and got destroyed again. She has since returned as a consciousness in Tony Stark's computer systems. In one alternate future she is back in her old body (ref. Machine Man mini-series)
Korvac: There was a Korvac story in Annuals a while back, but I can't remember if he actually returned from the dead or if it took place before his death (time travel was involved)
Lilith I: I think she returned, though there's also an identically named character in Marvel vampire tales
Mantis (Inactive): this one has become active again
Man-Wolf (Inactive): I haven't read Spidey books regularly in a long time so don't know if Jameson became Man-Wolf again

DEFUNCT TEAMS (still #13):
Not only are the people listed still dead, but Bird-man II has since joined the ranks of the dead courtesy of Scourge. I thought I read somewhere that Dragonfly also bought it but I'm not sure
Champions of Los Angeles: still defunct
Freedom's Five: All apparently dead. If not, this is a World War I team so I doubt Crimson Cavalier, Sir Steel, or Silver Squire are in any shape to do much
Howling Commandos: still defunct, though most are SHIELD agents
Invaders: still defunct, though the core charter adult members have all been Avengers
Kid Commandos: still defunct; at least half of the four member team is dead
Leatherneck Raiders: as a WW2 military team, probably still defunct; fate of the members unknown
Liberty Legion: Of the eight charter members (if you include Bucky), five are dead, one's in suspended animation, one's in space, and one's in prison. A reunion seems unlikely
The final page gives info on Death, who briefly died after this entry appeared

Marvel Boy II:
Still Dead. However, his name was briefly used by Justice, his powers and costume were largely co-opted by Marvel Man/Quasar, and an alternate version appeared in Quasar
Mimic: among the things he mimicked from mutants was their ability to never stay dead
Miss America I: still dead
Morbius (Inactive): Active and thirsty again
Nebulon: still dead
Nighthawk II: became some sort of undead warrior thingy in his mini-series
Nova I (Inactive): Active
Omega: Dead, but it's questionable whether his creator Steve Gerber, who didn't like his final story (written by other people) would revive him given the opportunity
Patriot: Still dead.
Phantom Eagle: In spite of the fact that his final appearance was as a ghost, still gone
Phoenix II: Alive, and as two different characters to boot. A wonderful story sacrificed when X-Men did a McDonald's
Pip the Troll: Alive; see Gamora in the last post
Red Guardian I: revealed to actually be Red Guardian II; still dead
Red Guardian II (Inactive): revealed to actually be Red Guardian III; I think she's free of the Prescence now but I'm not sure
Red Raven I: I didn't think anyone was in a hurry to revive him but erik Larsen was
Satana: plans to return from the dead were curtailed by the Marvel's new Comics Code Policy
Shang-Chi (Inactive): chopped off the "In" in "Inactive"
Son of Satan (Inactive): active, first as Hellstorm the guy in the silly costume, then as Hellstorm the SOB
Spider-Woman I (Inactive): Active as Jessica Drew
Spirit of '76: Have Spirit in his name was probably tempting fate; still dead
Spitfire (Inactive): deaged and active
Swordsman: still dead; his body was used by the Cotati and then discarded; an alternate Swordsman has since appeared
Terrax: Returned in the first issue of New Warriors
Thanos: Listed as inactive, though some sources like Marvel Graphic Novel showed him more as dead; back among the living regardless
3-D Man (Inactive): still inactive; apparently the basis for Triathlon
Thunderbird: still dead; his brother took his name before becoming Warpath
Thunderbolt (not to be confused with Thunderbolt Ross): still dead
Toro I: his return was hinted at but never confirmed; supposedly Human Torch appearances in the Legion of the Unliving were him, but that makes no sense if you read the original stories
Torpedo III: still dead; Turbo I/II now using his suit
Adam Warlock: having wrapped up his storyline so nicely Starlin later brought back him and almost everyone associated with him
White Tiger (Inactive): a rare case where someone inactive is still inactive; a female White Tiger appears in Heroes for Hire
Whizzer I: dead
Vampires: as a group active again. Varnae, Lucas Brand, Adri Nitall, Turak, Edith Harker, Nimrod I, Lianda, Harold H. Harold, Rachel Van Helsingg, Bessie the Hellcow, Lucy Westernra all still destroyed to my knowledge. I think Dracula, Lilith I and Deacon Frost are back. Hannibal King was inactive at the time, but later active, then killed
Yellowjacket (Inactive): Active first as Dr Pym, then as then back as Giant-Man. A female Yellowjacket appeared and apparently died, but in a story with a lot of alternate reality stuff (the Crossing) so who knows?
Zombie: I think he's back
Zuras: gone

Final page spotlights death dieties and after death

Air-Walker/Ancient One/Ani-Men/Baron Blood/Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker/ Baron Zemo I/Black Knight I/Bloodstone/Bucky/Captain Mar-Vell/Changeling/ Count NefariaDarkoth/Death-Stalker:
see v1#13 post
Basilisk I: still dead. As a Scourge victim his return is unlikely but as we shall see, not impossible
Beyonder: Not only is he back from the dead, he's undergone a sex change
Big Man: still dead. His daughter also became the Big Man but got accidently killed by her boyfriend. Choose your lover carefully
Black Knight II (actually III if you count King Richard's agent): still dead; nephew is the current Knight
Blackout: who'd want to revive him?
Blizzard: Still dead, but a successor is active
Blue Streak: Shot in the head by Scourge. Still not impossible by Marvel Universe standards to be revived, but even less likely than most Scourge victims
Carrion: Still dead. New version appeared and original version's origin rewritten by the creator. I think his origin was rewritten yet again during the clone storyline but I'm not sure.
Sharon Carter: Back. The second greatest tragedy in Cap's life is no longer a tragedy. Now as soon as Cap meets Agamemmnon his life will be complete
Turner D. Century: still Scourged
Champions of Xandar:I'm pretty sure the Xandarian members are back (Nova-Prime, Protector, and Powerhouse) as the result of an Xandar story in New Warriors. However I don't recall seeing the human members (Comet and Crimebuster) and I'm not sure if the team is back together.
Cheetah: still dead. Rumours that he went back in time, changed sex and started clashing with an amazon warrior are unfounded
Commander Kraken: still Scourged
Dakimh the Enchanter: still dead, but his ghost still hangs out with Jennfier Kale and other heroes
Margo Damian: still dead (unless you argue that non-lee Kirby creations written by other people are invalid by definition
Death Adder: still had death added to him

Destiny I:
still dead. I think the unrelated Destiny II is dead as well
Jean De Wolff: still dead so far, but she's a Spidey character
Dr. Lemuel Dorcas: still dead, possibly due to how his last name sounds
Doctor Sun: still dead I think; has the honor of being the only villain to be killed by HERBIE the Robot
Dorma: original still dead but there's a bunch of clone bodies around
Dracula/Drax the Destroyer/Egghead/Foolkiller I/Gamora/Green Goblin: see v1#13
Eel I: still dead
Enforcer: still Scourged (was the first one)
Executioner I: still dead, but Thor sometimes visits him in Valhalla
Fafnir: still dead
Amahl Farouk: body still dead, but spirit still poses a problem for X-characters
Firebrand: still dead; two successors currently active
Jacob Fury: Returned in another body, then apparently died again (second death less convincing than the first)
Gargoyle I: Still dead, and his son has joined him
Ghaur: Returned during Atlantis Attacks
Grand Director: Still dead; until John Walker, non-Steve Caps tended not to hang around long
Grim Reaper: Began a second stint as a zombie in (I think) West Coast Avengers
Guardian I: Alternates between alive and dead fairly regularly
Hammer and Anvil: Still Scourged
Hangman: still dead, but has a successor
Quincy Harker: Still dead
Agatha Harkness: Ressurected during Byrne's West Coast Avengers run
Hate-Monger I/III: I's soul still trapped in fake cosmic cube, as seen occasionally; III still Scourged; 4th one since active
Hobgoblin I: Roman numeral inaccurate (II at the time, IV now); revealed to be someone other than Ned Leeds and therefore alive (Leeds is still dead)

Hyperion II:
Still disolved
Imperial Hydra: Still dead, though there's probably been quite a few Imperial Hydras since
It, the Living Colossus/Jackal/Jocasta/Korvac/Lilith: see post on v1#13
Jarella: still dead
Kangaroo: Unbelievably they brought this loser back from the dead. The Spider-writers have no shame
Kiber the Cruel: still dead I think. Not much demand for returning one story Black Panther foes
Kid Colt: Still presumed to have died of old age, though this has never been 100% established
Letha: Still Scourged
Living Monolith: never actually died but rather transformed into a living planet, which might put him out of commission forever. Then again there's always Ego...
Lucifer: still dead, but his death was reported but not actually seen except in the Handbook itself
Maelkith the Accursed: I think he's back
Marauders (Blackbuster, Riptide, Prism): They're x-characters, they're back
Marvel Boy/Mimic/Miss America/Nebulon/Nighthawk II: see post on v1#14
Mauler: still dead, though there's a couple of successors
Melter: still Scourged
Midgard Serpent: showed up in Avengers v3#1 with no explanation
Miracle Man: still Scourged
Mirage I: still Scourged
Modok: I think he showed up, though only after the ibntro of the female version, Modam
Morlocks (Annalee, Blow-Hard, Cybelle, Scaleface, Tommy): surprisingly these x-characters are still dead to my knowledge
Nighthawk I: still dead; son now Nighthawk III

still dead
Omega/Patriot/Phantom Eagle/Pip the Troll/Red Guardian I (II)/Red Raven/ Satana/Spirit of '76: see v1#14
Ben Parker: thankfully still dead
Phantom Rider I: still dead, but he and one or two successors inhabit Phantom Rider IV's body from time to time
Porcupine: still dead
Professor Power: body back in business after Spectacular Spider-man; can't remember if the father or son is currently using it
Purple Man: back; can't remember where he was revived
Rawhide Kid: dead never seen; only presumed dead due to age
Red Skull: back in a new body; had his successor (from 1950s) Scourged
Ringer: one of two Scourge victims to be brought back, though only after two successors (Ringer II and his successor in another identity). Why there was such a need to give the Ringer two successors and then bring him back will forever baffle scholars
General "Thunderbolt" Ross: He's back; as the poem goes, "one step forward, two steps back"
Salem's Seven: entire team back I think but I could be wroing on this
Savage Land Races: some have appeared in the revived Savage Lands. Don't know if any race still extinct
General Sam Sawyer: unlike a certain other general this soldier knows how to stay dead
Scourge's Victims: aside from Ringer and maybe Vamp, still dead
Serpent Crown: repaired
Snowbird: still dead, but her spirit hangs out on Earth from time to time
Solarr: apparently killed twice; still dead
Sphinx: despite a female successor, he's back
Spymaster: still met a particularly horrible end; successor now active
Gwen Stacy: still dead, though there's a character whom was first her clone until the clone's creator changed this, only for this to be changed again during the clone story
Obadiah Stane: Still dead. As Iron Monger, there's been three successors

still dead
Franklin Storm: still dead and really didn't warrant a Marvel Universe entry
Swordsman/Terrax/Thanos/Thunderbird I/Thunderbolt/Toro/Torpedo/Vampires (most)/Adam Warlock/Whizzer I/Zombie/Zuras: see v1#14
Colonel Glenn Talbot: still dead; basically succeeded by nephew
Tarantula: still dead; has a successor
Tom Thumb: still dead
Titania I: still Scourged
Two-Gun Kid: death never revealed; presumed dead of natural causes but may yet make another time trip to present
Union Jack I-II: still dead; successor still active
Vamp: A bunch of clones apparently appeeared in Deadpool; not sure if the original is still alive or if she was in fact the one Scourge killed
Vampires:Torgo/Blade Doppleganger: still destroyed...
Rachel Van Helsing:...and likewise her
Cornelius Van Lunt: still dead, but resurrection easily possible
Viper I: still dead
Aelfyre Whitemane: still dead; another case of someone unimportant getting an entry
Wraith: still Scourged
Zodiac I: all still dead except Libra, who returned in Avengers Forever

v3#8 (Deceased section only):
Madelyne Pryor:Back from the dead, and reportedly still acting out of character in comparison to the woman Scott married

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