Changes to Links Page

AUG 1/01:
Updated Wild Cards and Comic Industry links to take into account the Onelist groups (after a stint with egroups) winding up as part of Yahoogroups

APR 26/00:
Updated Vertigo link

FEB 25/00:
Removed Upstarts links (previous owners now retired so page is just a good-bye with no links now
Removed Konformist link (plan to replace this in a near future with a page of links devoted to T. Casey Brennan, a notable Canadian creator. The old link will appear on that page
Removed Mighty Crusaders link (defunct list)
Removed old note re: Seq. Tart (summed up below instead)
added Comic Industry List link

JUN 29/99:
Added Konformist link and removed Sequential Tart Link (promised reciprical link did not material on there end.

JUN 8/99:
Added Avengers Link

JUN 6/99:
Added Comic Book Resources/VTN links

JAN 1/99:
Added Upstarts Link

AUG 13/98:
Links Info moved from main page to separate link
Links added for House of Vertigo and Sequential Tart