What is time share?

Time share is the periodical shared use of property by a number
of users or owners over a number of years.

What is the purpose of time share?

Low cost vacations at first class choice holiday resorts.

How does one become a time share owner?

By purchasing either from a time share company or a previous
owner of a time share contract.

Where are time share properties located?

The time share industry is located in Canada, United States,
Caribbean, Mexico, Central & South America, Europe, South Africa,
the Asian Pacific region and Australia.

How can I get information regarding reputable time share

When purchasing promotions from a time share company, check with
the Better Business Bureau.  
RCI, Interval International, Vacation International, Ltd. and the
Lawrence Welk Resort Villas are the companies I am most familiar with.

Owners interested in selling their units/time share contracts
ALWAYS deal with a reputable firm;  NEVER deal with a firm who asks
for fees up front; and NEVER deal with a firm that has a "GUARANTEED"
buyer for your timeshare/unit.

Can I visit a time share resort before making any commitment to

Yes, Vacation International, Ltd. has two plans available for
non-owners.  You can vacation in some of their fantastic
destination resort areas, staying in the same deluxe condominiums
VTS Owners enjoy by using either their Friends Plan or their
Breakaway packages.  Phone 1-800-444-6633.

Brochures are mailed free.  

Reservations can be made up to 10 months in advance.  Popular
resort destinations are available in Mexico, Hawaii, Oregon,
California, Nevada, and Idaho. 

How can I meet other time share owners?

I am a time share owner.  Please send e-mail to
I would like to hear from other time share owners.
Vacation Time Share Owners in Victoria do have meetings. Doug Crowe, 
Acting facilitator, can be reached at 652-5071.  I can be reached at (604)

If I purchase a time share contract from one company, must I
always holiday with that one company's resorts or can I exchange
my time share contract accommodation for a condo with another
time share resort company?

RCI, Interval International and Vacation Internationale, Ltd. all
have exchange programs available to owners.

A Five Star Award is widely considered the most prestigious
quality designation a time share company can receive in the
vacation ownership industry.  

Vacation Internationale, Ltd's resort, Embarcadero on the Oregon
Coast, Oasis in Palm Springs and The Pines at Sunriver in Central
Oregon were the resorts chosen for the 1994-1995 Interval
International Five Star Awards.  A Superior Service Award was
given to both Sea Mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii and the
Oasis in Palm Springs.

What is Interval International, Inc (II)?

Interval Internationa, Inc (II) is the developer and manager of the II
Exchange Program, one of the premier exchange programs in the time share
industry.  Since its inception in 1976, the II Exchange Program has grown
to over 1,200 affiliate resorts world-wide and approximately 500,000

In December 1992, II was purchased by CUC International Inc., a publicly-
held, Fortune 500 company, traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  CUC is
American's largest provider of membership-based discount services, with over
28 million members.  This has enabled II to enchance the benefits package
offered to its own II Exchange Program members, including the World Card
Preferred Program.

How can one enroll in the II Exchange Program?

Simply call II at 1-800-622-8110.  II's representatives will take your 
enrollment over the phone or send you an application form to complete
and return by mail or fax.

Be sure to ask the cost of the II Exchange program membership and making
II exchanges.  You might also like to ask them about their WorldCard
Preferred program, its value, and costs.

Once I have purchased time share, is there a yearly maintenance

Always.  The amount depends upon the company one has their time
share contract with.  

Is there a resale market for time share owners?

Yes.  However many of these resale time share industry companies
are expensive, charging the seller an upfront large fee.  This
fee does NOT guarantee the seller a sale.

Resort Condo Marketing at 1-800-72-CONDO in California will mail free of
charge, information pertaining to time share contracts and condos for the
area a person may wish to purchase.  Their information contains the week,
season, brms/occ, asking price, name and phone number of owners wishing to
sell.  Negotiations are between the owner and the purchaser.  However this
company is expensive and requires you to put your money up front.  For
example, if I paid them $495 US, they would mail information about my
timeshare to anyone making enquiries about timeshare in a specific area.
However this does not guarantee a sale as final negotiations are left up 
to the individuals.