There are many time share publications available.  These
publications deal with the various aspects of the time share
     Your input into this area is welcomed.  Please send any
information for this area that you might have and wish to see
included ul553@victoria.tc.ca 
     Time share resort publications are made available for owner
information, exchanges, development and financing purposes.

RCI Perspective is published six times a year by Resort
Condominiums International, Inc (RCI), P.O. Box 80229,
IAndianapolis, IN 46280-0229;

Endless Vacation, published by RCI for subscribers can be reached
at P.O. Box 80260, Indianapolis, IN 46280-0260, 1-800-565-3212 or

BDevelopments, published by American Resort Development
BAssoc.(ARDA), 1220 L Street, NW - Suite 510, Washington, D.C.
20005, (202) 371-6700;

Resort Development & Operation, P.O. Box 5627, Bellingham, WA
98227 (206) 676-4146, published by CHB Company;

Traveler, published by Interval International, 1-800-638-3400 and
1-800-622-8110; and

Vacationer, published by Vacation International, Ltd. (VI), P.O.
Box 1970, Seattle, WA 98111 for Vacation Time Share Owners,