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Election 2000 Canada

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Federal General Election Date: Monday, November 27

The Process

Government of Canada ~ Gouvernement du Canada

Are You Registered to Vote?

[Ballot Box Image]

As broadcast on the BCTV Newshour on November 12, the Elections Canada "Are You on the List" TV ad stating you need to be registered prior to balloting is mistaken. Please consult the Elections Canada Web site (first link in the list below) for further information.

  1. Elections Canada: 2000 Election Information (text version) ~ Élections Canada: 2000 élection information (version texte)
  2. Electoral Districts (Elections Canada) ~ Circonscriptions information (Élections Canada)
  3. Need A Map to Your Polling Station? Use MapBlast! You will need the polling station address and a graphical browser.
  4. Popular election night results from Elections Canada after the polls close on November 27
  5. Jump down to The Pundits and the Press for more election night results.

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The Parties

[Political Parties Image]

Registered Political Parties and Parties Eligible for Registration (Elections Canada) ~ Partis politiques enregistrés et admissibles pour enregistrement (Élections Canada)

In alphabetical order:

  1. Bloc Québécois
  2. Canadian Action Party ~ Parti action canadienne
  3. Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance ~ l'Alliance réformiste conservatrice canadienne
  4. Christian Heritage Party of Canada ~ Parti de l'Héritage Chrétien du Canada
  5. Communist Party of Canada ~ Parti Communiste du Canada
  6. Green Party of Canada ~ Parti Vert du Canada
  7. Liberal Party of Canada ~ Le Parti libéral du Canada (Governing Party)
  8. Liberal Party of Canada (B.C.)
  9. Marijuana Party ~ Parti Marijuana
  10. Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada ~ Parti Marxiste-Léniniste du Canada
  11. Natural Law Party of Canada ~ Parti de la loi naturelle du Canada
  12. New Democratic Party of Canada ~ Nouveau parti démocratique du Canada
  13. Progressive Conservative Party of Canada ~ Le Parti progressiste-conservateur du Canada

The above list is based on the Elections Canada list of registered political parties. If you're looking for an unregistered political party, try the Yahoo! Canada List of Federal Political Parties.

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The Politicians

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The Polls

[Telephone poll phone 

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The Pundits and the Press

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Election Coverage by Selected Broadcast/Net Media

The Victoria Telecommunity Network's Media Menu and the Music and Audio on the Internet Directory: Radio contain additional publication and broadcast media Web sites and links.

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Discussion Areas

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Selected Web Sites/Pages Devoted to Specific Issues

Women Politicians

  1. CANWIN e-2000 (Canadian Women's Information Network for Election 2000)

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Other General Web Sites

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