Since the mid-term elections of 1990,
the National Public Telecomputing Network
has been actively exploring ways in which 
this new medium can be used to bring people 
closer to the democratic process.

  In 1990 and 1992 we provided full cover-
age of the campaign process, including 
running across our network the full-text 
of every position paper, speech, and press 
release of the major candidates.

  We know how hard the candidates worked 
on those documents and the amount of time 
and effort that went into them.  We can, 
therefore, only imagine how terrible they 
would feel if people just forgot about them.  
So... to keep that from happening, we are 
providing features such as this.

  The Presidential Memory Project consists 
of 231 documents from the Clinton/Gore 
Campaign of 1992.  Each document was 
received directly from their campaign head-
quarters and have not been altered in any 
way except for occasional minor formatting

  We think this feature will make a handy 
guide for the electorate over the next four 
years; and it illustrates again one of the 
major advantages of this medium over radio, 
television, and print.

  Radios and T.V.s forget.  Computers do not.