Business Type:  EARN MONEY AT HOME 

"Earn Money at Home" schemes all have one thing in common.  They
require you to buy something before you can begin work.  If you
answer an ad offering you huge profits for some at home work for
which there is supposedly a great demand and which will require no
experience on your part, you could wind up losing money instead of
earning it.

There are 2 types of Work at Home Schemes
     A.   Where you provide a service
     B.   Where you provide a product

     This is where you answer ads probably expecting to be hired
by a legitimate company to stuff envelopes for a salary.  This is
not the case.  Legitimate companies usually do not place open ads
for work at home programs and would certainly not require any type
of payment in advance.  What you usually receive for your initial
stamp is nothing more than a photocopied letter explaining the
wonderful opportunities for making easy money and an opportunity
of sending even more money -- price varies -- for a complete kit
to start you on your way.  The kit is a small booklet which tells
you to do exactly as the original promoter has done.  That is: 1. 
Place an ad in the local papers similar to the one you answered
but giving your address or a PO Box #.
2.  When replies to your ad arrive, stuff them with the same form
letter you received (you buy these form letters from the original
promoter.)  These are the same letter you received for your stamp. 
This system therefore becomes a never ending chain in which a
product and/or service never really becomes a factor.  Use caution
if money is requested - If the promotional material says an
unlimited demand - If there is only a PO Box - If there is no
mention of total costs - If you can earn up to $1000. weekly.  If
the offer sounds too good to be true it usually is.


This is where you answers ads that offer $$$ for sewing or
assembling products at home.  You will be asked to purchase
instructions, materials and sometimes equipment to make items. 
The promoter promises to buy back products (at a profit to you)
if the quality is up to their standards.  Better Business Bureau
experience has proven that it is doubtful if anything you make
will ever be up to their standards.  Once they refuse to buy the
items back - which they have every right to do under this one-way
system - your only hope is to try to sell them yourself.  This
method makes it highly unlikely that you will make any type of
profit.  The promoters of typical work at home schemes are
actually asking you to become party to a system that financially
benefits only the original promoter, not those who become involved
at a later date by answering the ads, and this includes you.
Note:  When money is requested you are sending money for an
unknown investment.  - If the promotional material you receive
says "unlimited demand" - If the promoter agrees to buy back
merchandise at higher prices than the retail selling price - If
there is only a PO Box - Can't give addresses of successful &
satisfied customers - If there is no mention in the ad of total
costs. - If enormous earnings are offered.  --USE CAUTION-- You
may end up losing money instead of earning it.  If it sounds too
good to be true - it probably is.

For further information about individual companies, please call
the Better Business Bureau at 386-6348 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) or Fax