1.   Check with the licensing dept. for the name of licensee. 
This person may or may not be the principal.

2.   If this is a limited company, check with the Registrar of
Companies for the registered and records office of the company. 
There is a small fee.

3.   Contact telephone operator for a possible new number.

4.   If you can, go to the last known location and look for signs
or instructions.  Ask neighbouring firms if they know the
whereabouts of the business.

5.   If you paid by cheque, examine the back of the cancelled
cheque to see where it was deposited.  Contact that bank to find
out if the business maintains an active account, ask them for the
location of the business and its principals.  If they refuse, go
to your bank and ask for assistance.

6.   Send a double registered letter to the firms at its last
known address.  Request a return receipt which shows the name and
address of the person to whom the letter is delivered.

Once you locate the business owners, call or write, sending your
letter by double registered mail.  State your problems and ask for
their assistance.  If you have a claim against the company and you
want to determine whether the company has filed for bankruptcy,
check the blue pages for the number of the agency that handles
such cases.  If this is not a limited company, your claim must be
pursued in small claims or through a lawyer.

For further information about individual companies, please call
the Better Business Bureau at 386-6348 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) or 
Fax 386-2367.