There are no laws in BC stating refund or exchange policies.  Each
store can have their own policy, they do not have to have it
posted.  It is up to you as a consumer to ask about the policy. 
Should you think there may be a problem, have the manager put it
in writing on the bill.

If you do not like the lack of consumers protection let the proper
authorities know you are not happy.

The 7 day policy applies only to contracts signed in the home. 
Send a double registered letter requesting cancellation.  The
company is obligated to return funds and cancel the contract.


When a person buys something and takes delivery of the product,
this is a fully completed contract.  On return of these goods, you
are requesting the contract be rescinded.  The seller does not
have any legal obligations to do so.  Should the seller agree to
accept return of the goods, he then is entitled to place
conditions on same.

Condition of return could be a deduction from the original
purchase price.  This is often called a restocking charge.  It is
a compensation charge for the profit the seller lost on the return
of goods.

A reasonable amount considered is 15 to 25% of the purchase price
depending on the circumstances

For further information about individual companies, please call
the Better Business Bureau at 386-6348 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) or
Fax 386-2367.