Better Business Bureaus across Canada and the U.S. are being
deluged with inquiries on various travel-type promotions. 
Consumers are approached by either mail or long distance phone
call and told they have "won" a trip.  They are then asked to
supply a credit card number.....usually for a small handling
fee.....Once the company has your number, they can charge any
amount on the card.....  The offers range from real estate sales,
timeshare resorts, condos, etc. where accommodation only is
offered, to air fare being offered, and inflated charges made for
hotel accommodations.  Problems usually concern non-availability
or scheduling of flights and difficulties in receiving refunds. 
Most vacation certificates offer only lodging or just air fare. 
The consumer will, in most cases, be responsible for all other
expenses - meals, transportation to and from the airport, etc.  We
would strongly advise that you do not give out credit card numbers
unless you are prepared to accept the adverse effects of this
release.  We would advise extreme caution......consumers should
check with the local travel agencies for comparison pricing.  

For further information about individual companies, please call
the Better Business Bureau at 386-6348 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) or
Fax 386-2367.