The Sooke Electoral Area stretches from Metchosin to Port
Renfrew and from the ocean to, roughly, the San Juan Ridge and
Sooke Lake.  (only a map can be more accurate).  Within this
region people refer to areas known as:
1.    East Sooke which is roughly the area between the
      harbour, Matheson Lake, and the ocean.  This area
      contains East Sooke Park.
2.    North Sooke which is the name some people use to
      describe the area along the Highway between Sassenos and
3.    Sassenos is a subdivision created in 1922.  It extends
      from Woodlands road to the Galloping Goose trail.
4.    Sooke Village (usually just Sooke!) which lies between
      Sassenos and Pacific Logging's booming ground.
5.    Otter District which is roughly the area from Sooke
      Village to Muir Creek.
6.    Port Renfrew which is creating its own local area plan
      and defining its boundaries.

In addition there are the settlements of Shirley, French
Beach, and Jordan River.  Presently the people who live there
are most likely the only ones with a clear idea of their
At present, the above are general use descriptions.  If any
accurate legal descriptions become available this section will
be changed to present these.