1	          October 1993
     3	                        King-Byng Affair
     4	     Lord Byng's Position on Mr. Meighen's Chance to Govern
     6	                              ...edited by Marijan Salopek
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     9	Letter from Governor-General Byng to William Lyon Mackenzie King,
    10	29 June 1926
    12	     I must acknowledge on paper, with many thanks, the receipt
    13	of your letter handed to me at our meeting yesterday.
    14	     In trying to condense all that has passed between us during
    15	the past week, it seems to my mind that there is really only one
    16	point at issue.
    17	     You advise me "that as, in your opinion, Mr. Meighen is
    18	unable to govern the country, there should be another election
    19	with the present machinery to enable the people to decide". My
    20	contention is that Mr. Meighen has not been given a chance of
    21	trying to govern, or saying that he cannot do so, and that all
    22	reasonable expedients should be tried before resorting to another
    23	Election.
    24	     Permit me to say once more that, before deciding on my
    25	constitutional course on this matter, I gave the subject the most
    26	fair-minded and painstaking consideration which it was in my
    27	power to apply.
    28	     I can only add how sincerely I regret the severance of our
    29	official companionship, and how gratefully I acknowledge the help
    30	of your counsel and co-operation.
    32	Source:
    33	     Public Archives of Canada, King Papers, Governor General
    34	Byng to William Lyon Mackenzie, 29 June 1926.
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