Thursday 22 May, 7:30 PM
Open Space, 510 Fort Street
You are invited to attend an all-candidates meeting to discuss support of 
the arts.  All the candidates representing all parties in the ridings of 
Victoria, Saanich, and Esquimalt/Juan de Fuca have been invited.  A 
moderator will conduct the meeting.  Please plan to attend this critical 
meeting, a joint venture of Professional Arts Alliance and the CACGV.


Community Arts Awareness Week
The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria is absolutely delighted at 
the wonderful partnerships that have developed through working on 
Community Arts Week (4 - 11 May).

The arts council was the charitable organization facilitating the grants 
for this event.  We express much gratitude to The Victoria Foundation for 
their generous support of the promotional materials, posters and 
banners.  The Leon & Thea Koerner Foundation have made it possible for us 
to use Kaleidoscope Theatre and produce other promotional material.  And 
the inter-municipal grant through the Greater Victoria Inter-municipal 
Commission, Arts Manager's Office, funded the mailing of the original 
questionnaires and the follow up.  The exploration of partnerships with 
the four core municipalities has been extremely rewarding as each of them 
has taken on the task of spark-plugging the events in their area such as 
the Opening Ceremonies at Saanich Municipal Hall on Sunday 4 May.

The opening celebration in the City of Victoria is at Kaleidoscope with 
events from 1:30 - 11:00 PM.  Esquimalt Municipality celebrates with the 
West Bay Association in Esquimalt in producing Victoria's first "Lantern 
Festival" 10 May (thank you Julie Flatt).  The procession begins at 
Spinnakers Restaurant and continues to West Bay Marina with street 
musicians and street dance.  The Parks and Recreation Department have 
been simply wonderful.  The Galloping Goose Trail mural holds an opening 
10 May.  On 11 May the Closing Ceremonies, hosted by the CACGV at the 
Crystal Garden offers of sampling of some of the artists who will have 
performed during the week.  The schools also have created their own 
festivals during this week - Esquimalt, Central Junior High, and many 
other presentations by individual schools with groups like Troubadour 
Strings also participating.

The detailed schedule will be printed and distributed through the News 
Group towards the end of April.

Special thanks must be extended to Jill Croft - Chair of the Steering 
Committee, Erika Kurth - Vice-Chair, Bernard Rain - Program Chair, and 
Cheryl Denomee Kline - working on community and school art.  Also thanks 
to Jane Glen of Saanich, Sharon Hlady of Victoria, Tracy Wilson of 
Esquimalt and Jenny Rhodes of Oak Bay.  Shelley Smith from Middle School 
and Shona Jackson of the Arts Manager's office spent hours establishing 
and working on the computer database.  Thanks to the number of choirs who 
donated their services, enriching our program - Glenlyon-Norfolk Concert 
Choir, Gettin' Higher Choir, The Linden Singers, Kindred Spirits, 
CapriCCio Singers, and four performing groups from the Victoria 
Conservatory of Music and Opera Studio; dance groups included Kala 
Mandir, classical Indian dance, Kwakiutl Dancers, KIDCO Dance School, 
Stages Dance Company, DanceWorks; Clayton Jevne, artistic director of the 
Shakespeare Festival for offering an innovative workshop for adults, 
Story Theatre and Royal Victoria Heritage Fashions Society.  The special 
highlight is the Art and Architecture show at the Crystal Garden 
presented by the Provincial Capital Commission.  Special thanks to 
Crystal Garden for providing the venue for the closing ceremonies.

The program committee was the heart of this event - we salute them!

Erika Kurth
Vice-Chair, CAAW


Blanshard Elementary School
Ron Douglas, Ceramic Artist

Ron Douglas is working with 50 students in grades 5, 6, and 7, creating 
tiles to be used in a mural format.  The theme of his workshop is "What 
does your community mean to you?"  The Blanshard Community Centre is 
located across the street from the school and there is a strong bond 
between these two institutions.  Ron's intention is to have the students 
visually express their place in their community thereby reinforcing the 
strengths of this community.  Ron is working closely with 3 teachers as 
the students work on drawings which are painted onto ceramic tiles.  The 
resulting images are an exciting array of sports, nature, family and 
urban landscapes, all linked by a series of paths and roads.  Ron has 
wonderful success with his students and their efforts and professionally 
executes the final product providing the students with an unique source 
of community pride and spirit.

This project exemplifies the intentions of our Artist in the Schools Program.

Jo Randall-Williams
Arts in Education Report


Community Art - Youth Mural Project
Located at the Shoebox Accounting Building, 612 Boleskine Road, back 
retaining wall of yard overlooking Galloping Goose Trail.
Sponsored by Saanich Parks and Recreation, Community Services.

In March 1996 a Community Art Development Workshop identified two 
initiatives - Youth Murals and Community Arts Week (to be held 4-11 May 97).

The Images of Youth mural was painted on 13 April 97 and is in its final 
phase.  It has been a challenging and rewarding experience to have been 
involved in the evolution of not only the original workshop but these two 
initiatives.  In defining the term 'community arts' we identified the 
criteria for a community arts project recognizing the necessary 
partnerships.  The Youth Mural initiative is a community art reality.  
Following a clear list of goals and objectives, workshops were held in 
the teen centres at Gordon Head and Pearkes Recreation Centres, at 
Colquitz, Shoreline, Lambrick, Mount Douglas, Central and Oak Bay High.  
Resulting images were shared and collaged, resulting in a final concept 
which was drawn on the wall.  Students were identified for the actual 
production and Peter Allen of Oak Bay High was chosen by them to do the 
drawing.  Peter's talents are multifaceted.  He is 'a wizard with the 
spray can' and has an avid following in the youth community.  As the 
artist/facilitator I have supervised, organized and coordinated all 
aspects of this project in consultation with Community Services, Saanich 
Parks and Recreation.  Materials were provided by General Paints on 
Jutland Road.  Mural space and set-up was provided by Helen Clarke of 
Shoebox Accounting.  The goals and objectives have been met:  1.  To 
involve youth in the concept of community art.  2.  To increase community 
awareness of youth and their perceptions of their community.  3.  To 
decorate unsightly or bare areas in our neighbourhoods and to promote 
beauty in unusual places.  4.  To encourage more youth to participate in 
their communities.  5.  To promote inter-municipal recognition of youth 
issues as a cross-municipal responsibility.  6.  To be a catalyst for 
other Community Arts Development projects.  7.  To act as a pilot 
project, with a thorough report, in order to be useful in other areas.

We look forward to many more community art murals - the momentum has started!

Jo Randall-Williams
Artist/Facilitator and CACGV Board Member



There are exciting days ahead at the Community Arts Council of Greater 

Richard Brownsey, Executive Director of the British Columbia Arts 
Council, gave a keynote address celebrating the opening of the new Arts 
Centre and the 30th anniversary of the CACGV on 20 February 1997.  He 
acknowledged the work of the Arts Council through the years and its 
future significance in its downtown, street level, exhibition/performance 

His worship Mayor Robert Cross offered congratulations on the successful 
collaboration of the City of Victoria and Princeton Developments in 
ensuring this space for the arts community.  Mayor Cross, Mr. Brownsey, 
and MLA Gretchen Brewen cut the ribbon pronouncing the Arts Centre 
formally open.

Grants were awarded to 16 groups working in dance, theatre, music, 
writing and visual arts.  Of special interest are innovative groups like 
William Head On Stage, Victoria Lesbian Art Society, The ArtFarm Society, 
Victoria Summer Music Festival, plus established groups such as Victoria 
Target Theatre Society, Victoria School of Writing, Studio 30 Art Club, 
Cedarhill Art Club, Embroiderers' Guild of Victoria, Ground Zero 
Printmakers Society, Oak Bay Art Club, The Civic Orchestra Society of 
Victoria, Linden Singers of Victoria, Hampton Concern Orchestra, 
CapriCCio Vocal Ensemble and KIDCO Theatre Dance Society.

It is an ongoing priviledge and responsibility for the CACGV to be able 
to offer support to cultural groups with annual budgets of less than $50,000.

President JC Scott officiated at the celebrations and also opened the 
Look '97 show in which the work of 98 regional artists was excitingly 
displayed in the new Arts Centre.  
Look '97, the annual South Island Regional Art Show, was juried by Robert 
Amos, Pat Bovey and Martin Segger.  Three artists and their work were 
chosen to proceed to the provincial visual arts show artWORK in Powell 
River in May - Tad Suzuki's painting "Bee Gee's (Victoria)", Dorothy 
Haegert's photomontage "A World of Myth" and Jennifer Steele's black and 
white phograph "Outer Mind".

Imke Pearson's painting "Surfacing" received the Michael Blake 
Watercolour Award, given annually by the CACGV.


LOOK '97

The newly opened Community Arts Council Arts Centre in the fashionable 
Sussex building on Douglas Street presented its first mixed media show 
"LOOK 97" with all the excitement and fanfare due a significant community 

The works presented showed the versatility and high level of achievement 
which Victoria, the Gulf Islands and Lower Island communities have 
attained.  While the use of water colours and acrylics predominated, 
other mediums and techniques stole the show in originality and 
presentation.  Clay and wood, enamel on copper, porcelain painting, 
mosaic in concrete, paper mache, glass mosaic, collages, fibers, wire, 
wood and glass became a world of magical interpretation of our universe.  
From the tautness of wire to the soft veil of sea flora a marvelously 
exciting show displayed Victoria's plethora of talent both old and new.

Subject matter varied from the realism of single floral studies, local 
cafes, formal gardens, street scenes, wild life, forestry and fishing to 
the abstractions of metaphysical concepts and psycho-emotional 
statements.  While much of the subject matter was familiar and repetitive 
the presentation was often unique and very appealing.

Amongst the works I found outstanding were the photographic statements of 
which some were intriguingly worked with other media and moved the 
already outstanding works into a new realm of expression.  The use of 
original framing to integrate and draw the works together was outstanding 
as was the use of mixed media.  In reading the biographies of the 
presenters I was amazed at the international and cross-Canada backgrounds 
of the talent our west coast and Victoria region has attracted.

Suzanne Wyman
CACGV Board Member



The framework for the curatorial guidelines is in place, but we are still 
soliciting input from the arts community.  We hope to make this a 
flexible, responsive process that meets your needs as well as ours.  We 
have currently established two approaches to the use of our space, 
firstly through general rental, and secondly through a proposal or 
submission process.  This latter process is still being developed -- the 
principles established -- the details are being refined.

General rental
The CACGV Arts Centre is available for rental to our members for Solo or 
Group Shows.  For Solo Shows, costs are $100. for one week, $150. for two 
weeks.  Costs for Group Shows are $150. for one week and $250 for two 
weeks.  These fees are subject to change.

Working guidelines for the proposal/submission process
Once exhibition dates have been finalized, CACGV Arts Centre staff and 
artist/s will meet to discuss each party's responsibilities and needs.  
The exhibition fee must be paid to the Arts Centre in advance.  
Exhibitions will run for 12 days, with set-up on the Wednesday preceding 
the Thursday night Opening Reception.  The artist/s will take down the 
exhibition and repair the walls on the Tuesday after the 12 day 
exhibition.  Sales will be handled by CACGV staff or designated personnel 
according to a price list established by the artist/s, and moneys 
received from the sales, less a commission percentage, will be submitted 
to the artist/s within 2 weeks of the show's closing.  Exhibitors will be 
encourage to write up an assessment of the exhibition.

Design of promotional material, invitation lists, etc. will be the 
responsibility of the artist/s but must be submitted to a jurying 
committee in order that the Arts Centre may retain control of visual 
material issued under CACGV auspices.  Costs, refreshments, and clean-up, 
for the opening reception will be the responsibility of the artist/s.

Please contact us with your ideas and for further information.


Membership Drive
The CACGV is in the process of a membership drive.  Our goal is to double 
our membership and increase our effectiveness as a voice of advocacy for 
the importance of arts at the community level.  We need your support.  
Each of you knows at least one other person who should become a member.  
Please invite, ask, convince them to become a member.  The costs are 
minimal but the benefits are far-reaching.


The Community Arts Council is moving into its busiest season from May to 
October.  Projects include the Community Arts Directory and Guide, a 
Casino, producing our Annual Report, organizing the Annual General 
Meeting with an accompanying workshop/conference, and organizing a 
fundraising event.  All these projects can benefit from your assistance.

We are looking for highly-motivated, energetic, committed volunteers who 
can offer that magical blend of great organizational skills, as well as 
practical computer and record keeping skills needed to support such 
projects from planning through to the final stages.  Basically we are 
asking for the same kind of person that Fringe Festival organizers asked 
for last year - Mary Poppins.  In fact, several Mary Poppins.  If this 
sounds like you, please call right away.  We'll provide the umbrella.


It's that time of year again.  For those of you who are new to the 
Directory, it is a free to the public, one of a kind publication created 
in partnership with Monday Magazine.  45,000 copies of this Directory are 
distributed at the end of August.  Display ads are sold through Ruby 
Della-Siega at Monday Magazine, 382-6188.  Listings down the centre 
columns of the Directory are sold through the CACGV office.  This is a 
strong and extremely beneficial partnership and a good example of a local 
business working with community arts.

Last year's Directory was a great success.  We received many appreciative 
comments from users and advertisers alike.  The Directory reaches all 
members of the community.  Thousands of people rely on the Directory to 
guide them to galleries, commission visual artists, hire musical groups, 
find teachers and classes, and join art-related organizatons.

If you would like to be included in this year's Directory and Guide 
381-2787 as soon as possible.