Fridrik "frisk" Skulason

Fridrik Skulason, also sometimes known as "frisk" in reference to his email address, is the author of the F-PROT antiviral package. He originally developed the program suite while doing computer support work for the university (with the obvious need for antiviral software that is entailed), but subsequently started Frisk Software. As well as being consistently among the leaders in antiviral software, F-PROT has always been a bargain. At one time $20 got you a perpetual license; currently the shareware version is $1 per year per CPU; there are educational and volume discounts; and the shareware version of F-PROT is still free of charge for personal, non-commercial home use. F-PROT is successful enough that it is supported in two commercial versions (from Command Software and Data Fellows) as well as being a part of other security packages.

frisk is one of the busiest of antiviral researchers, has been technical editor of the prestigious Virus Bulletin, and has always displayed an admirable concern for the reliability and accuracy of his product. His recent hiring of Vesselin Bontchev, who also has a legendary passion for precision, seems to have given Fridrik more time to once again become an active member of VIRUS-L.

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