Nick FitzGerald

By the time those who had contributed to the first edition of the VIRUS-L FAQ had recovered from their exhaustion, it was time to do some updating. Ken Van Wyk had led the first effort, in his position as moderator of VIRUS-L, but called for a different editor for the second effort. Nick FitzGerald, a long time and valued contributor to the list took on the task. And when he had completed that, he took on VIRUS-L, as well. (This fairly bloodless coup was achieved thanks to the fact that Ken's work was making increasing demands on his time.)

Nick's contribution is not limited to VIRUS-L and the FAQ. He is one of those who worked diligently to "reform" the alt.comp.virus newsgroup from its origin as a source of virus code to the reasonably useful source of information it is today.

(Yes, I'm sorry, it's an old "Goon Show" joke, but I just couldn't help myself.)

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