Paul Williams

(maintained by Rob Slade)

Although Paul Williams had submitted postings to the FidoNet echoes previously, he first became really active during the heavy promotion of Zvi Netiv's InVircible in late 1993 and early 1994. His sigblock/tagline identified him with a prestigious computer company, but the contents of his (and all the other promotional) messages seemed to be copied, verbatim, from those of people who were known to be actively involved in the vx community.

Paul's 1996 coup was a comparison test of AV products. which "proved" that InVircible was best. The test suite for this "review" was taken, wholesale, from the most current edition of the VLAD vx 'zine (which had only been "published" days before). Since some of the samples in VLAD don't work, and there is no evidence that any others are of any significance in the wild, it is fairly clear why scanner developers do not give the detection of these programs a high priority.