Hey, welcome to the S.C.U.B.A. Sig if you can't remember what that stands for
it's Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apperatus. Divers and non divers
alike are welcome in this sig, all we ask is that the talk be restricted to
diving or marine subjects and that the foul language is kept to a minumum.
	If you have a suggestion about a new menu item that should
be added please mail xx175 and I will put it under consideration.
        The buddies section is a place for divers to leave a way to contact
each other if you, wish to be added to this list, please send a message to
xx175 and your name will be added as soon as possible, included in the
message must be your name, and some way of contacting you, either a phone
number or e-mail address, you must also specify your certification level 
and specialties (if any)(this is not for discrimination, but so that say two
wreck divers can find each other and plan a deep dive instead of having 
to send mail to everybody on the list to see if they are a wreck diver) 
and if you wish, a few lines about oyurself, what kinds of dives you like, 
when you are available, and anything else that you'd like to have said 
about yourself.
        The dive shops section is a list of local dive shops, the second part
of the dive shops section is devoted to charter companies, if i have missed
a shop or charter agency, please mail me as this sig is fairly new and it
would be of great help if i could have help from local divers to get a
complete list of all the dive shops in town.
	The Upcoming events choice is just what it sounds like, a list of 
upcoming events in the B.C. and Washington area. Please if you hear about an 
event that is not mentioned please e-mail xx175.
	There will be a section describing local wrecks and other such 
interesting places, but it won't be ready for a couple of weeks probably, 
i need time to find a comprehensive list of all such places in our area.