FAQ on Heritage Buildings
1. What is a heritage building?
	There are a number of factors which enter into the heritage value of
a structure. Age; the original owner, contractor or builder; location as part
of a cluster of heritage buildings; or a famous resident can all be reasons 
to consider a building heritage. It can also be an excellent example of a
particular type of architecture. 
2. What is designation?
	Designation which is given by muncipal councils, the provincial 
government or the federal government protects the exterior of the building. 
Any changes which the owner wants to make to the exterior must be approved by 
a Heritage Advisory Committee or its equivalent. Interiors cannot be 
designated at this time. Any building which is designated cannot be demolished
without having its designation status removed.
3. What will designation do to the value of my property?
	If we are to believe local real estate advertising, the value will go
up. Never has the word “heritage” been bandied about so freely. There are 
many people who will pay a premium for a heritage house in good condition,
particularly if it is in a style which they favour. In addition, there are 
potential renters who are willing to pay a larger rent to have a suite in a 
character home.
4. Why is heritage preservation important?
	It is very important to preserve enough of our history so that our
children and grandchildren will have an idea what life was like before they 
were born.
5. Where do I get information on  restoration techniques and recommended 
tradespeople, suppliers and service providers?
     Contact the Hallmark Society at 660 Michigan Street, Victoria, B.C.
V8V 4Y7 (Phone/fax: 382-4755) for information on the Trades Services and 
Products List.
6. What funding is available for restoration of heritage properties?
Local municipalities have set up foundations which provide grant money on a 
sharing basis for exterior restoration projects. For information, contact the 
planning department of your municipality. Provincial funding can also be 
available through the B.C. Heritage Trust. Contact their offices at 
(604)356-1433 for details on programmes.