About this SIG
This Special Interest Group is sponsored by the Hallmark Society, 660 Michigan
Street, Victoria, B.C. V8V 4Y7. Telephone/fax 382-4755. The Society was
formed in 1973 by a group of 7 citizens who had banded together to try to
save the Wilson House (the Parrot House) from demolition. Unfortunately, the 
battle to save the building was lost, but the Hallmark Society emerged as a
positive result of the struggle. The original mandate was to encourage the
preservation of heritage buildings in the Capital Regional District. We have
now extended our mandate to include natural, cultural and horticultural
landmarks. We advocate the preservation, restoration and conservation of
heritage and work towards an public awareness and understanding of heritage.

The Executive and several volunteer committees carry out the work of the 
Society including Heritage building and landscape inventory and research, bus
and walking tours, restoration consultation, publications, researching
heritage legislation, quarterly newsletter, annual awards ceremony and
participation in conferences related to heritage matters.

We also publish a Trades Services and Products List on which are listed 
tradesmen, product suppliers and service personnel who have been used and are
recommended by our membership.