Moderator:  John Hofsess

LAST RIGHTS is an educational public service which provides the latest
information available on a wide range of concerns associated with the
dying process: news about "living wills"; palliative care; legislation
concerning voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide; support groups for
those afflicted with life-threatening illness; and a question-and-answer
public forum exploring the medical, legal, political and ethical issues
associated with death and dying.

The LAST RIGHTS Information Centre does not promote any one view of how
people should die; it provides a wide range of information so that
Canadians can make an informed choice based on their individual beliefs
and circumstances.

Here are some of the features of the Information Centre:

LAST RIGHTS electronic journal:  The Right to Die Society of Canada
produces a professional journal (LAST RIGHTS - ISSN 1198-3922),  4 to 6
times per year (72 pages on average), copies of which are sent to every
Member of Parliament and Senator.  Under the menu selection of "LAST
RIGHTS electronic journal"  you will find listed the contents of each
recent issue of the magazine.  You may also read online several samples of
the shorter articles from each issue.  

HUMAN RIGHTS PETITION - From now until March 1995, all those Canadians who
support a change in the law - to permit a physician's assistance in dying
when requested by an incurably ill patient - are urged to copy or print
out the official petition form, sign it and mail it to our headquarters: 
P. O. Box 39018, Victoria, BC V8V 4X8  All of these petitions will be
presented to the Department of Justice by a group of MPs early in the new

PUBLIC FORUM:  "Where Open Minds Meet" - Participate in one of the most
thoughtful and important discussion groups on the Internet.  All that we
ask is that you compose your questions or present your views as clearly
and succinctly as possible.  Be considerate of others with different
beliefs and values.

The essence of CHOICE IN DYING is that every point of view can and will be