HOW to join the Society -- and WHY

The next 8-to-10 months is a crucial period in Canadian history insofar as
"right to die" issues are concerned.  By next spring, new legislation is
expected to be introduced in the House of Commons which, in all
probability, will allow certain categories of terminally ill people, under
specific conditions, to choose a physician's assistance in hastening their
inevitable death.

If you support this basic concept of "choice in dying", then membership in
The Right to Die Society of Canada will help advance your beliefs -
legally, socially and politically.

The Society produces a professional journal "Last Rights" (see menu choice
#5 for details) which is currently sent to every Member of Parliament and

Sherwin Nuland, the author of the best-selling book, "How We Die" calls
"Last Rights" magazine "absolutely fascinating... it contains a great deal
of informative material, written in a way that is attractive and easy to

As a member of the Society, you will of course receive a 1-year
subscription to "Last Rights".  

In addition you will be able to obtain a number of "end of life"
publications offering the latest scientific information on drugs, dosages
and techiques conducive to successful "self-deliverance."  These
publications are available EXCLUSIVELY to RTDSC Society members.

Member Rates:
(Valid until October 1995)

Regular Membership:                                 $ 35
Couple:                                             $ 40
Low-income Senior or Student:                       $ 25
Foreign (any postal destination outside Canada):    $ 45 (US)

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP (Single or Family):             $250

SEND CHEQUE TO:     The Right to Die Society of Canada (RTDSC)
                    P. O. Box 39018
                    VICTORIA BC
                    V8V 4X8

Help us - to help you or someone in your family.
Sooner or later every Canadian faces the problems we face NOW.