Tactics Stuffs:

Allied Units :
Cruisers: Can  shoot 3 screens away , the closer it is the better the 
aiming.Cronoshift it near a  enemy's base and Destroy what you can
IE: AA guns / Sam sites and Then send in the planes. 
Cronoshift a Cruiser near an enemy's base. Sometimes it will make a rip 
in time that looks like a electrical whirlpool called a Chronal vortex 
where you send your units and will attack units with elictrical energy 
but there's a 1 in 5 chance on having a Chronal vortex, and 1 in 5 chance 
in having a Time Quake You can't send Troops or a APC full of troops it 
won't even send troops and will kill all the units in the APC.

Light Tanks: Shoot faster than medium tanks but don't have as much
armour.(They die quicker) But they are really effective in groups of 8 or 


Attack Dogs: Are great for defense against rocket infantry/spies/thieves etc. 
but they are really vulnerable to riflemen etc. so you have to be careful
in their positioning.        

V2 Rocket: They will shoot farther when they are guarding then if you 
tell them to attack unit/building.The best part is they can destroy
just about any building in two shots.

Heavy Tanks: Have twin cannons. And are effective in groups of 5 or more.
I like going overkill and nuking everything with them. Watch out for mines 

Mammoth Tank: Are slow and powerful. But they need close quarter protection 
because they recharge their shooting too slow and will get smoked if you're
not careful.

Transports: Soviet transports can carry a total of 5 land units. HINT HINT...
fill up 5 APC's then send the 5 APC's into the transport for a total of 25 
units and 5 vehicles. Cool huh?

Both Sides:

Engineers: Can capture a BUILDING When its damaged down to the RED zone.
*NOTE: when you select the engineer and try to take over a building keep an 
eye on the cursor when you put it over the building you want to capture, 
because if the arrows are RED it can only damage the building if they are 
green they can capture it.They can also repair one of your buildings up to 
the GREEN zone.

Spies:  The enemy spies look exactly like your troops except that you can't
select them etc. You have to tell your units to attack them excpet for attack
dogs they sniff out thieves/spies/units. So if you see a guy that looks like
he's from your team and you can't select him......KILL! KILL! KILL!
Spies are great for finding out info from eneymy bases ex: If you infiltrate         
the enemies radar dome you get to see everything they do.You can also check
on their financial status too and various other great stuff by infiltrating 
other buildings.

Thieves:  You can Steal money from enemy silos and Refineries.

Morse Code:
Well if you haven't noticed there's Morse Code at the bottom of every page in 
the C&C:Red Alert manual.

Useful Keys
Way Points: Hold the "Q" key and click where you want each waypoint. 
Formation: Put all your guys in a formation that you want and then hold down
CTRL + # 1-to-0 ( for a group #) then when you have them in formation press F.
Inside their boxes you should see something  like  ------
                                                  |      |
# is the group number and the F represents thats its a formation. So when they                                                   
move they won't be in formation but when they reach their destination they 
will stay in the formation you made.(Kinda Cool.)

Multi-Player Info                                 

Parabombs: Why can't I get them in Multi-Player? 
There in crates. You have to find them.

Crates can appear in water too, so keep an eye out for them.
Crate contents vary, but here are some of the things you can expect to
Armor upgrade    : Doubles the armor of nearby objects.
Darkness         : Shrouds entire radar map.
Explosion        : This hurts.
Firepower upgrade: Doubles the shot power of nearby units.
Heal base        : All buildings are restored to full health.
ICBM             : Free single-shot nuke.
Money            : 2000 credits
Napalm           : KABOOM!! SIZZLE! SIZZLE! This hurts also.
Parabomb         : Free single-shot parabomb.
Reveal           : Reveal entire radar map.
Sonar            : Free One-shot sonar pulse.
Speed upgrade    : Nearly doubles the speed of nearby units.
Squad            : Gives a squad of random infantry
Unit             : Gives a random vehicle
Invulnerability  : Makes units invulnerable for one minute.
Timequake        : Damages all units and buildings by 33 percent.

Certain countries have special adjustments made to their unit and building
values. These apply only to multiplayer games and skirmish mode.

Allied England - 10% better resistance to damage
Allied Germany - 10% stronger firepower
Allied France  - 10% worse firing rate
Soviet Ukraine - 10% faster units
Soviet USSR    - 10% cheaper construction costs

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