*** Other sources of antiviral information ***

 The following sites contain various antiviral information.  These are
 primarily World Wide Web (WWW or W3) sites.  Although I consider them to
 be generally reliable, they are run by other people, so I cannot vouch
 for the accuracy of the material.

 In addition, please note that W3 sites can be affected by many factors.
 If you can't reach one, try one of the others.  (Many of these sites will be
 "cross-linked" to each other.)  If you have consistent problems with a site,
 please drop me a line at roberts@decus.ca.  Thanks.


The VIRUS-L mirror <News>
"Alernative" virus info (beware of virus postings) <News>
Data Fellows Web version of the VIRUS-L FAQ <Web> [*very* long]
NIST Security Resource virus info (US gov't) <Web>
University of Tampere Virus Research Unit <Web>
The Virus Test Center Home Page <Web>
The "Good Times" Hoax
Vendor Web sites
Other related sites