The Archivist (1998) and The Fictional World of Archives

Original Novel Title: The Archivist

Author: Martha Cooley

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company, 1998.

Could this be a trend, two first novels, nearly a decade apart, with the same title? The similarities end there, as this novel, unlike its 1989 predecessor, is a contemporary romance featuring a librarian whose institution preserves letters of poet T.S. Eliot. The poet's life intersects not only with the librarian/archivist of the title, but also that of a woman poet who fervently hopes to see the sealed letters.

Terry Abraham, special Collections, University of Idaho, commented to the ARCHIVES mailing list: "I do not think this will be the book that will expand and improve the public's image of archivists."

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CONTENTS: The Fictional World of Archives

Submitted by David Mattison, 1998.10.25. Updated 1999.06.25.