City of the Horizon and The Fictional World of Archives

Original Novel Title: City of the Horizon

Author: Anton Gill

Publisher: London: Bloomsbury, 1991 (hardcover)

Dennis J. Duffy recounted that:

The first book in Gill's series of "Egyptian Mysteries," set in Egypt at the end of the 18th Dynasty. The hero of the books is Huy, a scribe in the royal court who is forced out of his honoured profession after the death of Smenkhkare, the short-lived successor to the controversial reformist pharaoh Akhenaten. Banned from practicing his trade, Huy leaves the dying capital city of Akhetaten ("City of the Horizon") and becomes a kind of wandering trouble-shooter/private eye, his trained mind a useful commodity along the Nile. One pivotal scene early in the book is set in the archives at Akhetaten, where Huy seeks advice from a rival scribe, the archivist Tehuty.

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CONTENTS: The Fictional World of Archives

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