Footsucker and The Fictional World of Archives

Original Novel Title: Footsucker

Author: Geoff Nicholson

Publisher: London, Eng.: Gollancz, 1995; Overlook/Penguin, 1996.

Sheryl Pockrose, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio, provided this summary to the ARCHIVES mailing list:

It is a first-person narrative of a foot fetishist and his pursuit of the woman with perfect feet. At one point he takes her down to see his basement archive of shoes, scrapbooks, and other foot-related material: "I captured images of feet and shoes that I would never have been able to possess in any other way. They were a crucial part of the archive." (p. 90) "...shelves from floor to ceiling, and display stands in the centre, all crammed with shoes." (p. 92.) At one point he is forced to pack up the archive and put it in temporary storage.

All in all a very funny satire, with quite a bit about the archive.

CONTENTS: The Fictional World of Archives

Submitted by David Mattison, 1997.02.04. Updated 1999.09.18.