Gargoyles and The Fictional World of Archives

TV Animated Series (Buena Vista Television, USA): 1994-1996

Mark Shelstad provided this summary and the reference in one of the episodes to an archivist. The show revolves around a group of six survivors of a medieval clan of castle-protecting Gargoyles who sleep as stone statues in daylight, but come to life at night. Through a magical spell cast upon them one thousand years ago by the very humans they had sworn to protect, they have slept as mere stone carvings since then, until the castle they guarded was raised above the clouds. In 1994 multi-billionaire David Xanathos finds the Gargoyles Castle and wishes it transported to the top of his corporate headquarters, making it the tallest building in the world. Xanathos' actions trigger the spell to be ended and the six beasts emerge from their millennium of slumber. The series follows the Gargoyles on their adventures to protect others from harm.

Season Three, known as "Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles" Episode #10 (also cited as episode #75) aired 23 November 1996 and titled "...For It May Come True."

Having become weary of the endless struggle to help humans who despise him, Goliath, knocked out during a battle with the Quarrymen, wakes up to find himself human, married, with loving children, living happily and safely in the suburbs, and working for Xanathos Enterprises. When Goliath arrives for work at Xanatos, he is unsure of his position, so he checks the company register where he is listed as "Director of Company Archives." He looks up in disbelief to mutter "I'm an archivist... that's nothing more than a glorified librarian."

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