The Genesis Code and The Fictional World of Archives

Original Novel Title: The Genesis Code

Author: John Case

Publisher: New York, NY: Ballantine Books, April 1997 (hardcover); New York, NY: Ballantine Books, April 1998 (paperback)

All quotations are from the Ballantine hardcover edition.

John Case's (a pseudonym) first novel combines the science and religion in a suspense novel reminiscent of early Robert Ludlum and Michael Crichton. One of the early minor characters is an assistant archivist, Donato Maggio, in Vatican City who skillfully deflects the country parish come to warn the Pope of a scientist's confession. Father Giulio Azetti has no use for the archivist:

Azetti nodded, twisting his hat in his hands. He might have guessed at Maggio's true position. Twenty years and the phrase jumped instantly into his head: an archival mouse. That was the term they'd used for those toiling deep in the archives, dragging out parchments and old illuminated texts for the cardinals, the bishops, the professors at the Vatican universities. Maggio had the red drippy nose and the myopic eyes of the species. After a while--the poor lighting, the centuries of book mold, the close work--they all shared these characteristics. (p. 17)

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