The Lost Earth Saga (Series) and The Fictional World of Archives

Original Novel Title: Outlanders: Hellbound Fury (The Lost Earth Saga, Book 1)

Author: James Axler

Publisher: Don Mills, ON: Worldwide Library, March 1999 (ISBN 0373638213, paperback).

One of the protagonists in this series, or at least the first book of the series, is a female archivist, considered a traitor, named Brigid Baptiste. In the so-called redoubts or nine surviving villes in North America, such as Cobaltville, the Enclave towers house a series of offices and industrial facilities: "On B Level was the Historical Archives, a combination of library, musuem and computer center." (p. 27) Baron Cobalt, the mysterious ruler of this even more mysterious novel, wants to track her and her companion, Kane, a "former Magistrate of Cobaltville," to regain possession of an extraordinary stone that appears to hold the secret of a lost Earth.

CONTENTS: The Fictional World of Archives

Submitted by archivist Gary A. Mitchell, 2004.02.01; additional information by David Mattison. Updated 2004.03.08.