Miriam Premiere and The Fictional World of Archives

Original Novel Title: Miriam Premiere

Author: Francine Noel

Publisher: Montreal: VLB Editeur, 1987 (hardcover)

Nora Hague, an employee of the fictionalized archives depicted in this novel, provided a summary:

The two main characters of the novel meet and fall in love in the consulting room of the Notman Photographic Archives (page 76-7) and make too much noise for the disapproving "librarian", so they leave to make love "for which Charles Notman could be proud" (rough translation). Admittedly, this is not a fictional archives (yet) but the setting and the description are. In any case, we have never disapproved of noise; it's conducive to research progress.

CONTENTS: The Fictional World of Archives

Submitted by Nora Hague, 1997.05.02. Updated 1997.05.21.