The Phantom and The Fictional World of Archives

Movie Premiere: 1996

Set in 1938, this movie is based on the comic strip character created by Lee Falk (1911-1999) who also saw his creation come to life in a 1943 film with the same title.

A sketch map that appears to be antiquated and which leads to a deadly treasure trove opens this amusing and often campy action adventure film starring Billy Zane as The Ghost Who Walks.

After having dispatched nearly all the villains in the opening scene that's eerily reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Phantom consults an oversize volume in a rather impressive library inside the Skull Cave where he holes up when not saving the world. The same information regarding some powerful skulls is also available under constant lock and key in a rare books room at a library in New York City to the evil Xander Drax (Treat Williams).

Having learned through his mole, the Police Commissioner, that a newspaper publisher intends to expose his dastardly scheme to acquire the skulls and take over the world, Drax coldly blinds with a trick microscope the rare books librarian who breached his privacy.

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